Read This Crazy Bride’s 10 Rules for Her Bridesmaids, and Rejoice That You Are Not One of Them

Not to mention what she does when they get broken.

Read This Crazy Bride's 10 Rules for Her Bridesmaids, and Rejoice That You Are Not One of Them


I kid you not, as I sat down with my lunch of butternut squash-apple soup (it’s FALL!) this afternoon and went to peruse the day’s posts on Gawker, I actually and seriously thought to myself, Haven’t seen a crazy bride thing in a while, I could go for one of those. Like, I really did.

And wow was a I rewarded with this doozy. (Also, I might be psychic?) By way of the same site, we once brought you what we thought was the most insane email a bride had ever sent her bridesmaids—but, I don’t know. This chick might win.

There’s really not much need for an intro. It’s pretty self-explanatory. The only thing is, like—is this really real? Is it, though? Are there people like this who exist? Most of the time, I think not—but then I watch something or another on TLC, and I decide that there are. Then I read something like this and feel again like it can’t be true, because I’m just not sure how the world could keep on turning if these people were just walking around on the loose.

Anyway. Props to Chelsea for cutting her hair the way she wanted to cut her hair. Enjoy.

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