Today’s Friendly Wedding PSA: If a Guest Doesn’t Get You a Gift, They Did Not Attend Your Wedding “For Free”



Well, this little incident has been making the wedding-world rounds, and while I’m not sure I have a whole lot more to add to what’s already been said concerning 1) how horrifying this is and 2) what the takeaways are (because both are pretty apparent—or at least should be—to most normal humans), I would certainly be remiss in my role as a wedding editor—and a female even, kinda, I think—if I did not share it with you.

A girl named Gretchen emailed into to share her little tale of having recently been laid off and therefore not able to get her friend a wedding present. This friend then suggested that Gretchen really try to give something, lest she commit the crime of having attended her wedding “for free.” Gretchen responded awesomely. Perfectly. Please read their text exchange—and Gretchen’s response.

Everything Gretchen says is correct. Everything said by the wedding planner she quotes  is correct. There’s just not anything more to say. (Though I will remind you, yet again, of this.) Don’t be crazy. Don’t be mean. Be nice, be grateful, be happy. Do that, and it’ll all be fine.

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