Today’s Friendly Wedding PSA: If Your Groom Falls Ill On Your Wedding Day, Maybe Don’t Marry One of Your Guests to Spite Him



When a groom in India suffered an epileptic seizure on his wedding day and had to be rushed to the hospital, his bride decided she’d just go ahead with her plans to get hitched that day anyway, and married one of their guests.

Now, word is that the bride was angry because her beloved had never disclosed his condition to her before, which, sure, that’s definitely a problem and she should be mad—but we’re just not sure the answer is to scan your guests for husband volunteers and then marry your your sister’s brother-in-law, you know?

The poor guy returned to his wedding to find his bride already married. Not surprisingly, he and his family were very upset, and even filed an official complaint with the police. The police, however, cannot force a lady to not be crazy or to get divorced, so they left, hopefully not before whispering in his ear that he most definitely dodged a bullet, because wow.

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