Today’s Friendly Wedding PSA: A Crane Is Not Necessary for the Perfect Proposal 

Watch as it goes crashing into the neighbor's roof.

A Dutch dude is perhaps rethinking his grand proposal still today after his plan, which involved a giant crane as a proposal prop, went just a little awry.

The crane he hired to lower him into his girlfriend’s garden outside her bedroom window, that when she woke up he might appear there as if by magic and ask her to be his wife, crashed into the roof of the apartment building she lives in.

He jumped out unharmed—but then a crane brought in to right the fallen crane also fell on the already damaged rooftop. Behold:

And another video—with lots of details—here.

Don’t worry, though—while the neighbors had to be evacuated and are still dealing with the aftermath of his grand gesture, the newly engaged couple (yes, she said yes) are happily celebrating in Paris.

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