You Can Now Pay Someone To Be Your Ever-Attentive Bridesmaid 

A few months ago, a 26-year-old New York woman posted an ad on Craigslist advertising her services as a professional bridesmaid. I saw it then, and whether she meant it as a joke or not, mostly took it as that. She had mentioned that she posted it after being asked to be in a multiple weddings in a very short span of time.

However, according to the Good Morning America segment I watched this morning with a slightly open jaw, she received over 100 inquiries in 48 hours, and so now, she actually does have a professional bridesmaid business. Behold Jen Glantz, Bridesmaid for Hire:

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I mean, the services she’s offering make sense and are definitely needed by some brides—I guess my feeling is just that between your actual friends who (should be?) around for the whole therapy part and a wedding planner who you could also pay to do some of the grunt work that these brides are saying they’d like to have Glantz do, doesn’t that cover it?

I’m curious to see if, after the splash her posting made dies down, she will continue to get jobs. Because if she does, I’m guessing that before too long, she won’t be the only bridesmaid for hire available out there.

Would you hire her?

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