Trying to Decide If You Should Hire a Wedding Planner? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions 



Obviously, for a lot of couples, the question of whether or not to hire a wedding planner will have first and foremost to do with their budget. When it comes to figuring out what funds you have to pay what vendors, well—sometimes it’s just a matter of: Well, we can’t bake a wedding cake ourselves, but we can make phone calls, so a planner is going to get cut.

But for those brides for whom money could theoretically be shifted around in order to throw some at hiring a planner, and they’re just trying to decide if having one is necessary, this post, which presents five questions a bride should ask herself as she figures out whether she needs help or could swing this whole thing herself, would definitely be good to read.

Because the bottom line here (well, you know, besides the bottom line), is one that is good to keep in mind when it comes to all aspects of putting together a wedding, with help, or not: know thyself. If you think planning a wedding by yourself would make you lose your, um, stuff, then sign someone up to help. If you are an organizational rockstar and would much rather drill sergeant your own wedding-day timeline than have even a seasoned expert do it for you, then don’t bother. There’s not a right or wrong answer—unless you make the wrong decision for you.

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