We Tracked Down Kylie Kelce’s Shore Bully. She Apologized — Eventually

The Main Line woman at the center of the Margate controversy wasn't too happy to see us. And neither was her husband.

The woman in the middle of the Kylie Kelce Jersey Shore scandal, Andrée Goldberg, and her husband Bryan Goldberg, at their new Teuscher Chocolates store on the Main Line

The woman in the middle of the Kylie Kelce Jersey Shore scandal, Andrée Goldberg, and her husband Bryan Goldberg, at their new Teuscher Chocolates store on the Main Line / Photographs by Victor Fiorillo

I wanted to know what Andrée Goldberg had to say. I really did. You may not know the name Andrée Goldberg off the top of your head. But you’ve probably seen the video from Memorial Day at the Jersey Shore.

You know the one: a woman confronts Kylie Kelce — wife of Eagles champ Jason Kelce — in Margate. Said woman tells Kylie Kelce, “You’ll never be allowed in this town again.” All this was reportedly because Kylie Kelce didn’t want to take a photo with the woman. And by now, you’ve probably guessed that the woman in the unfortunate moment was Andrée Goldberg. Of course, the mayor of Margate has apologized to the Kelce family.

Lots of people have been watching and sharing this video, especially Philly Mag contributor HughE Dillon. It’s been covered by the New York Post, the Daily Mail, and a bevy of media outlets in the Philadelphia area and in New Jersey. But even after reading all of those accounts and watching lots of influencers and other online types weigh in on the scandal, I had no idea what was going on in Goldberg’s head at the time of the incident.

I sent her an email. I sent a message via Instagram to Teuscher Chocolates, the luxury Swiss chocolate shop she just opened in Wayne with her husband, Bryan Goldberg. But to no avail. So I drove out to Teuscher Chocolates to see if she was there.

When I first walked into the tiny store, I saw Bryan Goldberg, who was behind the counter talking to a customer, and a woman — not Andrée Goldberg — fussing with some merchandise. The woman offered to help me, and I quietly whispered to her who I was and why I was there. And she whispered back, “That’s them,” pointing toward Bryan Goldberg. I noticed Andrée Goldberg crouched down behind the counter, organizing some things.

Once the customer left, I introduced myself to the Goldbergs and explained why I was at the store. I told them I was trying to understand exactly what led up to the encounter with Kylie Kelce. Was there more to the story? I wanted to give her a fair shake, let the world hear her side of the story. “There’s no story here,” Andrée Goldberg insisted. Her husband said the same. They both repeated the line a couple of times. I told them I disagreed, that everybody has been talking about this mess. And so I just wanted to get the full picture.

But Andrée Goldberg didn’t want to speak to me.

Bryan Goldberg told me to leave and that he was calling the police. I immediately walked out of the store and to my car. He followed me, taking video along the way.

A couple of hours after I left the store, a publicist representing the Goldbergs reached out to me and sent me the following statement:

In a heated moment, I said things that were out of character for me and that I regret and for that, I am sorry. Although I apologized directly to the Kelce family on Saturday, I want to publicly apologize to them, and our community. My anger, and my actions, are not who I am, and certainly not indicative of the welcoming community of Margate.

As an adult and proud member of my community,  I should have recognized and respected their right to privacy from the onset. I am deeply appreciative of the grace and understanding shown to me by the Kelces and wish them nothing but the best.

So, that’s that. But something tells me I’ll probably need to get my luxury Swiss chocolates elsewhere.