Reactions: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Pa.’s New Congressional Map

It’s a major win for Democrats, who (along with the Pa. Supreme Court) say the state’s former boundaries gave Republicans an unfair advantage.

congressional map

The new congressional boundaries imposed by the state Supreme Court in February.

Pennsylvania’s new congressional district map is now official.

The U.S. Supreme Court and federal district judges in Pennsylvania on Monday both rejected Republicans’ attempts to block the new map ahead of the May 15th primary.

It’s a major win for Democrats, who could see a boost with the recently adopted boundaries. The new maps comes after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in January declared the state’s former Congressional map (drawn by a GOP-dominated state legislature in 2011) an unfair, partisan and unconstitutional gerrymander, following a lawsuit filed by the Pennsylvania League of Women voters.

A number of lawmakers (such as Republican Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and House Speaker Mike Turzai, as well as some Democrats) had unsuccessfully proposed new boundaries. After the Pa. Supreme Court imposed its own new map in February, Republican legislative leaders sought to block it.

The most recent decision comes one day before congressional candidates are required to file nominating petitions for the upcoming primary.

Here are reactions from parties, lawmakers, officials and political organizations across the state.

Gov. Tom Wolf (D)

Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, and Senator Mike Folmer (R)

Steve Miskin, spokesman for House Republicans

Pennsylvania League of Women Voters

Pa. Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D)