The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Pepsi Popped Its Pull-Tab

The soda giant pulled the corporate equivalent of taking its toys and going home.

Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that PepsiCo loved Philly so much, it was putting prototype “Dream Machine” recycling kiosks outside our grocery stores. Alas, the bubbly giant, transformed into a crazed spurned suitor by the soda tax, has sworn revenge on our city — and, as collateral damage, is taking down dozens of jobs, but all’s fair, right? Just ask Temple, which tried to blame the soda tax for a hefty cost increase. Stella, for shame! Now, in high hissy-fit fashion, Pepsi this week declared NO MORE 12-PACKS OR 2-LITER BOTTLES FOR YOU, PHILADELPHIA! Oooh, snap! Weep no corn-syrupy tears for Pepsi, friends; in its first two months, the tax siphoned a mighty $12.3 million away from Big Soda’s coffers, well ahead of projections. Which means we’re buying more soda than expected. Maybe we’re just civic-minded enough to pop a cold one for the kids.