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October 2019 Issue


City Life

The Northeast State Rep Who Thinks Democrats and Republicans Can Actually Get Along

Jared Solomon has a radical notion.


Why Mission-Driven Restaurants Fail in Philadelphia

We may be the City of Brotherly Love, but we can’t seem to keep places like Rooster and EAT Café afloat.

City Life

Philly Is the Best City in America to Be a Celebrity. No, Really.

From Jason Segel to André 3000, we know how to be chill around the famous among us.


Things to Do

How to Spend a Weekend in NYC’s Hudson Yards

What to do in New York’s most controversial neighborhood.


The Rise of Dorm Life for Adults

Entrepreneurs are putting a fresh gloss on the old rooming house and calling it “co-living.” Here’s why that’s a smart move.

Life & Style

The Center City Designer Behind a Cool Line of Hand-Embroidered Bags

Meet Gayatri Chopra of Simitri Designs.

Life & Style

This Modern Chestnut Hill House Is a Master Class in Maximalism

Look inside the home of designer Hannah Dee.