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December 2017 Issue


City Life

Why Nicole Allen White Decided to Take On the Pennsylvania Society

The up-and-coming millennial power player on going head-to-head with a Philadelphia political tradition.

City Life

Kindy’s: The Tinsel Capital of America

Inside Kindy’s, South Philly’s secret Christmas juggernaut.


Should We Be Worried About Market East?

Opportunities to remake an entire shopping district don’t come along often.

City Life

The Return of Paul Green: He’s Back to Rock Your Kids

Well, the School of Rock founder also has another reason for being here: Law school.



Habitat: A Lofty Space in Northern Liberties

A Main Line interior designer gets to experiment with style in her city loft.

Life & Style

10 New Rules For Erasing Wrinkles

Lisa Espinoza of New Hope’s La Chelé gives her best advice for treating wrinkles.


The Case for Raising the Roof on Philly Rowhouses

City dwellers are building up rather than moving out.