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City Life

A Man in Full: D. Herbert Lipson

Herb Lipson was, among many other things, a magazine man. He loved reading magazines, he loved owning them, and he loved pushing the writers and […]

City Life

Is Philly’s Inferiority Complex Dead?

There’s something in the air, Philly. Can you feel it? I’m not talking about a stiff breeze. Or a swarm of aggressive insects. I’m talking […]

City Life

Why Michael Nutter Thinks He Had the Best Job in Politics

The Rundown Age: 60 CV: 4th District City Councilman (1992-2006); 98th Mayor of Philadelphia (2008-’16) List of current gigs, abridged: Pundit (CNN), professor (Columbia), fellow […]

City Life

DNYED: The Vanity License Plates PennDOT Rejected

Over at PennDOT HQ in Harrisburg, it’s somebody’s job to sift through the thousands of vanity license plate applications the agency receives annually to see […]

City Life

Why Nicole Allen White Decided to Take On the Pennsylvania Society

The Rundown Age: 31 Occupation: Director of government and external affairs at the Art Museum. Side gigs: Chair of Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee; vice chair […]

City Life

Kindy’s: The Tinsel Capital of America

When it comes to trimming the Christmas tree, I can be a real stickler. In most other areas of my life, my friends and family […]


Should We Be Worried About Market East?

All eyes are on Philadelphia’s Market East district, the relatively small patch of city that could soon be the site of Philadelphia’s latest great reawakening. […]

City Life

The Return of Paul Green: He’s Back to Rock Your Kids

These days, rock schools are a big business. The founded-in-Philly School of Rock now boasts 140 locations and more than 17,000 students around the world. […]