Where to Eat and Drink in Fishtown: The Ultimate Guide

Fishtown is an ever-changing snapshot of Philly in the moment, and its food scene is no different. Here's where to go for an up-to-the-minute sense of what Philly is eating.

fishtown guide

Pizzeria Beddia. Photograph by Ian Shiver

Even in a pandemic, Fishtown remains one the city’s fastest growing neighborhoods, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. With more available outdoor space, curbside tables and spacious backyards have proliferated, and some of the cities most exclusive restaurants have begun offering takeout and delivery (we’re looking at you, Pizzeria Beddia.) It’s a good time to be in Fishtown. Here are a few of our favorite spots. (Find the full guide below, with open restaurants marked with stars.)


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Laser Wolf
This latest Michael Solomon spot opened in early 2020, showing off the grilled specialties of Israel in a very fun, laid back setting. They’re now offering outdoor dining as well as grill-at-home kits that will take you far beyond even the best back yard barbecue you’ve ever attended. 1301 North Howard Street


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Evil Genius Brewing Company
There are a lot of spots to drink beer in Fishtown, but fewer that brew their own beer and have a spacious, colorful outdoor space where you can wile away the afternoon over pretzel bites, peanut chicken spring roll burritos, and porters aged in Jameson barrels. 1727 North Front Street


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Mural City Cellars
Mural City is Philly’s first urban winery that uses only locally grown grapes to create affordable, delicious table wines that pair just as nicely with a hoagie as they do with a nice steak. 2011 Amber Street C


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Zig Zag BBQ
Chef Matt Lang does American barbecue with a sense of humor at Zig Zag. Think queso macaroni and cheese with hot Cheeto crumbs, cheesy brisket hoagies with long hots, and ribs, pulled pork and brisket by the pound. Takeout only. 2111 East York Street


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Pom Pom
Pom Pom opened in February 2021 serving the vegetarian and vegan comfort foods the neighborhood craves. If you’re a committed vegetarian sick of all the imitation meats, go here for their house black bean burger, which is delicious all on it’s own, but even better paired with butternut mac and cheese. Takeout only. 1425 Frankford Avenue


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Nifty Fifty’s
Fishtown isn’t just home to chef-y restaurants and bars: It also recently got a Nifty Fifty’s, where burger, milkshakes and all-day breakfast reign supreme. Takeout only. 2431 Aramingo Avenue


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Kensington Quarters
Kensington Quarters began as a butcher shop/restaurant. Over the years, it slowly transitioned away from its original model, and now, they’ve been reborn again with a menu that focuses on local, sustainable seafood. Don’t worry, though. The burger is still available at brunch. Indoor and outdoor dining. 1310 Frankford Avenue


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No one was really walking around wondering when the industrial-themed, Mediterranean dinner theatre and nightclub was going to open, but now that it has it’s hard to remember what we did without it. Indoor dining and takeout. 1108 Frankford Avenue

The Restaurants You Must Try First

Cheu Fishtown/Facebook

The team from Root opened this massive Lebanese market and all-day cafe late with one of the nicest gardens for outdoor dining in the city. They’re doing flatbreads, house-made pastries, coffee, cocktails and more. And just as much as Street Side represents one direction for Philly dining to take, Suraya — with its huge ambitions and all-in-one mentality — offers an opposite and equally valid possibility. 1528 Frankford Avenue

*Pizzeria Beddia
Remember the old Pizzeria Beddia where you got to wait in line for an hour to not get a pizza because the guy right in front of you scored the last one of the day? Well this isn’t like that. Oh, you’ll still probably wait in line. But the new Pizzeria Beddia has things that the O.G. Beddia didn’t. Like a reservation system. And, you know, tables. The pizza is still rather remarkable, and the tomato pie is awesome, but this is a more approachable, user-friendly experience from Philly’s own pizza Jedi, Joe Beddia. 1313 North Lee Street

It’s a Southeast Asian BYO with no phone, no reservations and a small space, with a kitchen that goes to great lengths to recreate (and sometimes subtly alter) classic Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian and Burmese dishes.
308 East Girard Avenue

Nunu is the best argument against the rigid strictures of culinary “authenticity” this city has yet produced–a red-light fusion izakaya with a killer sake menu, furikake cheese fries, draft whiskey cocktails, tuna dip with horseradish and scallions and chicken liver mousse spread on grilled Japanese milk bread. It’s one of my new favorite spots in the city, and absolute proof that the Cheu Noodle Bar team (who are behind this new concept) aren’t done messing with our tastebuds yet. 1414 Frankford Avenue

*La Colombe
Like the guys from Cheu, La Colombe’s Todd Carmichael did things entirely wrong — and got famous for it. He opened his first cafe in Rittenhouse (pricey), expanded all over the city, colonized New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. And then, when all that was done, he came back to Philly and opened this flagship cafe, roastery and distillery in the heart of Fishtown.
1335 Frankford Avenue

I have given exactly two four-star reviews since I started writing about restaurants for Philadelphia magazine. And Hiroki was one of them. It is quite simply one of the most amazing and memorable meals you’ll have in this city, and if you can swing it, you should absolutely go there right now. 1355 North Front Street

The Newcomers

Suraya | Facebook

*Philly Style Bagels
Bon Appétit said that this place served the best sandwich in America — a simple lox sandwich on one of Philly Style’s awesome, small-batch, fermented, Yards beer-boiled and plank-roasted bagels. And you know what? I’m pretty sure they were right. 1451 East Columbia Avenue

Cake Life Bake Shop
What began as a wholesale and catering operation run out of the Globe Dye Works building now has a brick-and-mortar home in Fishtown. Run by two Cupcake Wars veterans, it now offers retail sales of some of the tastiest pastries in the city. Plus, at least one member of our staff is just super excited that this shop is where Beyonce got her birthday cake last year, so there’s that, too.
1306 Frankford Avenue

Lou Boquila (Perla) doubled-down on Filipino cuisine with this Fishtown spot which splits the difference between the strip mall/market counter spots where Filipino food so often lives around here, and the upscale traditionalism of Perla. So here there are chicharrones topped with kesong puti, sweet potato and shrimp fritters splashed with palm vinegar and whole chickens with calamansi in a space that’s as warm and welcoming as any in the neighborhood. 300 East Girard Avenue

Castellino’s | Facebook

Chef Adam Diltz’s new restaurant is an ode to his Pennsylvania upbringing and his grandmother’s cooking. Everything from the iconic hand-made scrapple served speared on a deer antler to the ham potpie (which comes off more like a very thin–and very comforting–ham and dumpling soup) is done in memory of Pennsylvania’s regional, traditional cuisine. And the room (with its backyard garden and grandmotherly silver) follows suit. 1007 Frankford Avenue

Fishtown has a lot of things going for it. But until Aether opened, one thing it was missing was a glossy, high-end seafood restaurant. But Aether (from the crew behind Mistral) is precisely that, complete with a raw bar, oysters, a nice cocktail list and a $28 lobster roll just to prove that the gentrification of Fishtown is very nearly complete. 1832 Frankford Avenue

$59 omakase using fish straight from Japan. Killer bowls of ramen. And poke bowls that become immediate Instagram darlings. With all this, chef Joe Kim has brought Fishtown a Japanese restaurant that everyone can love. 1204 North Front Street

*Pizza Shackamaxon
A slice shop (that also does whole pies) dedicated to the notion that just because you’re picking up a quick slice to-go doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be an excellent slice. 115 East Girard Avenue

*Liberty Kitchen
This Fishtown deli and market has a couple things going for it. One is the bi-weekly special sandwich, each one created by a different Philly chef. Another are the plain old everyday hoagies–fantastic sandwiches that rival all the old favorites. Finally, if you’re looking for tomato pie, Liberty Kitchen makes their own from Jersey tomatoes and, if it’s your thing, hand-stretched mozzarella. 1244 North Front Street

Weckerly’s Ice Cream recently expanded into Fishtown with this friendly spot offering their amazing, local ice cream plus the ice cream sandwiches that everyone loves. 9 West Girard Avenue

Neighborhood Favorites

Frankford Hall | Facebook

*Frankford Hall
Stephen Starr’s big indoor-outdoor German beer garden is one of those places where it’s almost impossible not to have fun. It’s full of big beers, party games and bar snacks, and it’s the best place in the city to play drunken ping pong. 1210 Frankford Avenue

*Bottle Bar East
800 beers, either to-go or for drinking at the bar? That’s nice (and handy for all the nearby BYOs). But Bottle Bar also has a kitchen that does good chicken wings and Vietnamese pork belly tacos that are awesome all the time and half-price on Tuesdays. 1308 Frankford Avenue

*Pizza Brain
So you want to start a pizza place where all the pies are named after imaginary people, occasionally use ingredients like dates or brown sugar or horseradish, and also make the whole place a Guinness World Record-setting pizza museum? Sounds like Fishtown to me. And now that Pizzeria Beddia has closed down, everyone seems to be remembering how good those weird-ass pizzas were in the first place.
2313 Frankford Avenue

*Street Side Cafe
Banh mi, pho, dumplings, rice paper rolls and a whole bunch of snacks, all inspired by Southeast Asian street foods? Yeah, sign me up. This tiny spot is open six days a week only for lunch and dinner with a break in between, with s a lot of delivery and take-out business (as they should, considering their influences). A meal here can feel like looking at the future of dining in Philly, which makes Fishtown the perfect neighborhood for it to live in. 165 West Girard Avenue

*Garage Fishtown
A Fishtown spin-off of the South Philly original, Garage’s Fishtown location has everything you want in a great neighborhood joint–canned beer, skeeball, picklebacks, a great happy hour and a rotating roster of some of the best chefs in the city serving food in a food truck-style set-up. 100 East Girard Avenue

*Wm. Mulherin’s Sons
Yeah, the place has had some problems lately — which they’ve taken steps to rectify. There’s no getting around that. But Mulherin’s was cool from the minute it opened, lovely and casual and so perfectly, strangely wedded to the neighborhood. The bar bangs out some of the best classic cocktails in the city, and the kitchen does pastas that rival anyone’s — along with a full spread of pizzas and snacks that have rarely been anything less than fantastic. 1355 North Front Street

*Cheu Fishtown
Owners Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh did everything backwards. Rather than having a crazy idea and letting it incubate in the forgiving real estate climate of Fishtown, they had a super-crazy idea (international noodle fusion and brisket ramen), which they made successful through super-craziness in some of the city’s more expensive neighborhoods. Only after they’d become a powerhouse in the buns-and-dumplings game did they expand to Fishtown, putting a kind of stamp of cool on the whole joint. 1416 Frankford Avenue

*Heffe Tacos
We’re talking about the original here, not the high-gloss, touchscreen new one. No, we mean the one that’s basically just a shack set up in a vacant lot, offering picnic table seating and messy, chef-y, border-hopping tacos and burritos to anyone who shows up with a few bucks left after closing time. 1431 Frankford Avenue

*Front Street Cafe
I like this place because of its inherent conflict. It serves, side-by-side, vegan waffle bites and fried chicken and waffles. It has a kale caesar salad and loaded shoestring fries. There’s fresh-squeezed juice and smoothies and a heavily local cocktail list with a cinnamon margarita on it. Sure, it might look like it’s trying to be all things to all people, but I’d rather think of it as veering wildly from beloved thing to beloved thing without any concern for labels. 1253 North Front Street

*Johnny Brenda’s
I don’t think it’s too much to say that there wouldn’t be a Fishtown restaurant scene without Johnny Brenda’s. It’s held down the corner of Frankford and Girard for a long time, offering a great bar full of craft beers, a live music venue and a kitchen serving rabbit rillettes, kale salad and roast beef sandwiches that almost define the Philly style of being so much better than they need to be. 1201 Frankford Avenue

*Sancho Pistola’s 
The Freedom Tacos here are still just as great as ever, but it’s the chef-y-er varieties (sweet duck with chile sauce, falafel, pork belly banh mi in taco form) that consistently surprise newcomers. Plus, they’ve got an excellent selection of local and craft beers to go with them. 19 West Girard Avenue

*Murph’s Bar
Truth: you’re never going to find better gnocchi or tagliolini served in a half-secret dining room in the back of an Irish bar. The unusual arrangement has Italian chef Francesco Bellastelli renting kitchen space from Murph’s owners, Greg and Theresa Walton, and cooking incredible cash-only Italian food for a crowd that often waits up to 90 minutes for a table. 202 East Girard Avenue

Though it’s mostly a specialty Italian grocery store, Castellino’s also serves a handful of hoagies. And it says something about how much people like the place that they’ll go out of their way to get an Italian or a Fig Pig from here rather than hitting any of the other street corner shops scattered around the neighborhood. 1255 East Palmer Street

It’s a Greek restaurant with a bar and pool hall attached. Or maybe a pool hall with $4 Citywides and a big, Greek menu. Whatever you call it, it is very, very Fishtown. 15 West Girard Avenue

It’s convenient that Fishtown has long had one of the best Indian restaurants in the city. I mean, convenient if you live in Fishtown, that is. 250 East Girard Avenue

*Loco Pez
Cold beer and awesome tacos. What more do you need to know? (The nachos are pretty spectacular, too.)
2401 East Norris Street

A dependable breakfast and lunch spot for the neighbors that does nice pancakes, breakfast sandwiches on long rolls, lots of scrapple and chipped beef, and a good selections of lunch sandwiches. 632 East Girard Avenue

*Good Spoon Soupery
Soup maven Kate Hartman opened her cozy soup and sandwich spot in 2014, after four years of slinging hot and take-home soups made with locally sourced ingredients at farmers’ markets. Today, her shop is a fresh lunchtime go-to for the neighborhood. Head there for a bowl of rich Senegalese chicken peanut stew or a cooling cupful of summertime gazpacho. 1400 North Front Street

*Les and Doreen’s Happy Tap 
I have this theory, that the weirder the name a corner bar has, the better it’s gonna be. And that plays out really well at Les and Doreen’s, which is about as old-fashioned a neighborhood joint as you’re going to find anywhere in Fishtown. 1301 East Susquehanna Avenue

*Old Philadelphia 
Everything that I said about Les And Doreen’s goes for Old Philadelphia, too. Plus, you can smoke there, get hustled at the pool table and walk out loaded for about $25. 2118 East Dauphin Street

*Liberty Choice 
All-day breakfasts and a huge deli menu, sure. But the real draw here? What a lot of people consider to be the best falafel in the city. 1939 North Front Street

Lloyd has had some ups and downs over the years. But the whiskey bar and gastropub has hung in there since 2012 and settled into its neighborhood, becoming an indispensable spot for those who want to drink whiskey and eat jumped-up chicken nuggets with pink peppercorn honey and spicy pickles. 529 East Girard Avenue

Fette Sau | Facebook

*Fette Sau
Along with Frankford Hall, this Stephen Starr-produced BBQ joint out of Brooklyn helped cement Fishtown’s modern renaissance with smoked meats, picnic table seating and an excellent list of brown liquors. On a winter evening, Fette Sau might also be one of the best-smelling restaurants in the city.
1208 Frankford Avenue

*Joe’s Steaks
In a way, this place has been around since the 1940’s. Under a different name, it served some of the best cheesesteaks and sandwiches in town. Current owner Joe Groh started his career there, working in the kitchen, then bought it when Sherman died in 1999. He changed the name but kept the sandwiches, and now he runs it as a kind of retro sandwich shop full of cheesesteaks, hand-cut fries, milkshakes and egg creams. 1 West Girard Avenue

*El Bar
A legit neighborhood bar with dive-y tendencies, the El Bar has been liquoring up Fishtown locals for years–plus giving them a place to sing karaoke and play pinball. It’s cash only, cheap, does a perfect PBR Citywide and has a backyard patio area that’s awesome when the weather is nice. 1356 North Front Street

El Bar | Photo by Ted Nghiem

*Interstate Drafthouse
This tucked-away neighborhood joint in the heart of Fishtown is known for its really good beers, solid burgers, and of course, the iconic Fishtown iced tea — a suicide-style take on the Long Island that’s served in an Arctic Splash container. 1235 East Palmer Street

Fishtown Tavern
Keeping it local, keeping it real, keeping it cheap. This unapologetic dive bar is one of those places that the neighbors have held onto during these changing times in Fishtown. It’s friendly, it’s cheap (especially during happy hour) and the cocktails are surprisingly solid. 1301 Frankford Avenue

Yeah, the craft beers on tap here are excellent. But the menu is also surprisingly good, offering upscaled bar snacks — like pretzel bites with beer cheese, Korean BBQ tacos and fried pierogies with crème fraîche and apple chutney — and a big list of creative sandwiches. 541 East Girard Avenue