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At Almost 40 Years Old, This South Philly Man Decided to Trade Boozing for Baking

Who I am: Louis Remolde (@louisr4ever, @thesinglebaker) What I do: I’m a full-time fitness instructor at Fitness Works and a part-time baker. Where I live: South […]

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This PA Native Was Addicted to Heroin and Pills. Now He’s Running His Own Yoga Studio.

Who I am: David Hem (@thehealingfieldsphilly), 37 What I do: I run the Healing Fields Philly, a new yoga studio in Northern Liberties. *** I was […]

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This Philly Chef Thought Her Lupus Diagnosis Meant She’d Never Work in the Culinary Industry Again

Who I am: Karen Nicolas What I do: I work as the culinary director at Main & Vine Bistro in Villanova. *** “Two and a […]

death of a loved one
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What Do You Do When You Lose the Person You Love?

Who I am: Krissie Pannullo (@phillynerdgirl) Where I live: Collegeville What I do: I’m a bioanalytical chemist. *** “Dan and I met through online dating. […]

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Stage IV Ovarian Cancer Took This Philly-Area Photographer’s Hair. But It Couldn’t Crush Her Spirit.

Tara Lessard’s hair was long and black before the cancer took it. Or rather, before the chemotherapy that was treating the Bucks County resident’s fourth-stage […]

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How Strength Training Helped This Philly Nurse Practitioner Let Go of Diet Culture

Who I am: Susanne Johnson (@seesuzgo), 34 What I do: I’m a family nurse practitioner. Where I live: Philly *** Sometime this fall, I realized […]

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A Brain Tumor Inspired This Philly Woman’s Switch to a Plant-Based Diet

As a complement to our recent feature package, “The Wildly Expensive Cost of Prescription Drugs,” we’re exploring how Philadelphians are managing their health without pills. […]

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This Local Violinist Turned DJ Turned SoulCycle Instructor Made Us a Fire Workout Playlist

Like so many kids, Bryant Reams picked up a musical instrument because his mother suggested it (read: required it). For the next decade, he practiced […]

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This Philly Native Was Shot at Age 16. Now He’s Bringing a New Kind of Movement to the City.

Who I am: Evan Harden (@og_fitness), 30 Where I live: Delaware County, but I grew up in West Philly. What I do: I’m the founder […]

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This Scranton Construction Worker Does Yoga to Stay Limber for His Cross-Country Mountain Bike Races

Who I am: Dennis Knowlton, 68, of Scranton What I do: I’m a construction worker, and I own the company Knowlton & Sons Masonry. In […]

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How This Entrepreneur, Ironman Triathlete, and Mom of Two Makes Time for Herself

Ali Cook thought she was going to the Olympics. This wasn’t some childhood pipe dream. The Philadelphian was a nationally ranked show jumper and traveled […]

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This MontCo Woman Never Thought She’d Be Able to Do a Push-Up

Sometimes a traumatic event, harrowing experience, or grave diagnosis can catalyze the changes in our lives we never knew we needed. In our Transformation series, […]

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Can Following the Keto Diet Get This South Philly Woman Off Her Epilepsy Meds?

As a complement to our recent feature package, “The Wildly Expensive Cost of Prescription Drugs,” we’re exploring how Philadelphians are managing their health without pills. […]

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Reconnecting With Her Faith Helped This Fitness Blogger Recover From an Eating Disorder

I’ve been athletic and in sports my entire life. I really enjoyed working out, but I never felt like I was truly healthy. I wasn’t […]

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Here’s the Advice Philly Fitness Instructors Wish They Could Give Their Younger Selves

You know all those glow-up posts going around a while back? The ones that made you remember why you tend to avoid looking at pictures of […]