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pes philadelphia energy solutions odor

City Says Not to Be Concerned About the Weather-Related “Odor” at PES Refinery

People living or driving near the soon-to-shutter Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refinery Complex in South Philadelphia may have noticed a strange smell in the air this week. […]

heat wave notification

Philly’s Heat Warning System Saved 45 Lives Last Year

It’s fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot in Philly right now. The National Weather Service’s excessive heat warning — in effect through Sunday — might seem like an unnecessary precaution given […]

the oval 2019

The Oval Is Officially Open

It’s an urbanist’s dream: repurposing a forgettable parking lot into a gigantic ground-level mural, nixing the “ing” and creating a park in its stead. That’s what […]

philly social media investigation officers fired

13 Philly Cops to Be Fired After Investigation Into Facebook Posts

The Philadelphia Police Department will fire 13 officers — and suspend four more — following an investigation into alleged racist, violent and bigoted social media posts. Police Commissioner […]


Inquirer Management Fears Philly Could Have No Daily Paper in 5 Years

Top management at the Philadelphia Inquirer has told newsroom staffers they must radically transform the “newspaper of record” into a “robust digital company,” or else […]

septa airport regional rail construction

What to Know About SEPTA’s Big Regional Rail Construction Project

Your commute — or ride to the airport — might look a little different over the next few weeks. SEPTA is beginning the next phase […]

heat wave

Philadelphia Declares 2019’s First Heat Emergency

Get your cold compress ready, because it’s going to be hot for the rest of this week. Actually, it is going to be excessively hot according […]

stu bykofsky inga saffron

Inga Saffron and Stu Bykofsky Absolutely Savaged Each Other at Stu’s Farewell Party

When it’s your last day on the job, assuming you’ve worked at your job for a long time, there will probably be a toast with […]

philadelphia pools bobby henon

Bobby Henon Wants You to Dime Out Your Neighbor’s Illegal Swimming Pool

In case you haven’t stepped outside recently, it’s been downright hot in Philadelphia. This week, the sweltering forecast calls for seven consecutive days of 90-plus […]

elizabeth warren

Elizabeth Warren Sure Seemed to Have a Good Weekend in Philly

Elizabeth Warren hung out in Philly this weekend — like, really hung out. The U.S. senator and 2020 presidential candidate took a casual stroll in Rittenhouse […]


We’re All Getting Screwed by Fees, Pretty Much All the Time

There’s something perversely satisfying about learning that someone who screwed you over is, in turn, getting screwed. That was my first thought when I read […]


All Those Maddening Fees on Your Comcast Bill, Explained

1. Universal Connectivity Charge To ensure people living in low-income and rural areas have access to high-speed internet, the federal government set up a fund […]


Who Is Leaving Flossers All Over Philly Sidewalks?

Most days, I walk 1.6 miles to work, traversing the city from one side of Broad to the other. I keep my eyes trained on […]

medical marijuana

People With Anxiety Disorders Can Soon Get Pa. Medical Marijuana Cards

A whole lot more people are about to become qualified for a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania. On Thursday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health added […]

philadelphia flood

It Seems NOAA Wasn’t Kidding About Those Philly Flood Predictions

On Thursday, we told you about a disconcerting report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicting that Philadelphia — and Shore towns like Atlantic City and […]