Here’s Proof That All Those Barre Classes Can Totally Transform Your Body

Nichole Tucker doubled the number of barre classes she was taking — and lost 50 pounds in ten months.

Photographs courtesy Nichole Tucker.

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Who: Nichole Tucker, 37, stay-at-home mom from Berks County

Why I wanted to change: “I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, and body-image issues since adolescence, so in many ways, I have ALWAYS wanted change. With that, I’ve tried almost every prescription, therapy, diet pill, shake, gym, and fad program on the planet. After my mom and aunt passed away, I lost myself and didn’t even bother chasing self-improvement anymore. Somewhere in the fog, I lost my zest for life and gained A LOT of weight. On May 19, 2017, my husband and I celebrated our ten-year wedding anniversary. I took time to reflect on the life and family we’d built together. With four great kids, a loving marriage, beautiful home, and a rewarding career (special education teacher at the time), I realized that the only thing missing was feeling good about myself.  The next day, I tried my first class at BodyRide. I walked in their studio doors with no goals or expectations, just a willingness to try something new with a friend. I walked out with an optimistic confidence I’d NEVER felt before. I couldn’t wait to go back and have been hooked ever since!”

Weight lost: “I’ve lost 50 pounds and dropped four dress sizes since starting spin and barre classes at BodyRide.”

Photographs courtesy Nichole Tucker.

What else changed: “EVERYTHING! I am stronger, faster, have more energy than I’ve had in years, increased my confidence, and no longer avoid my picture being taken. But, most importantly what has changed is the impact that my falling in love with spin and barre has had on everyone around me. I am an all-around healthier and much happier person!”

How I changed my diet: “My history of yo-yo dieting makes me hesitant to follow any type of meal plan for fear that I won’t be able to maintain it long term. So instead, I try to stay generally conscious of my portion sizes and frequency/moderation of any food or drink I consume. I also now eat with mindful intention that I am fueling my body for optimal performance, not for enjoyment or indulgence. Healthy substitutes eventually became my preference — sparkling water rather than soda, carrots and hummus rather than chips and dip, etc.”

How I changed my workout plan: “I spin about five days per week, run one to two, and take three to four barre classes. I specifically like to make sure I complete at least one Flex Barre class per week because it helps me to feel longer, leaner, and more flexible in all of my other workouts.”

“I unequivocally credit barre to breaking through the weight loss plateau I hit a couple of months ago.”

The hardest part: “Time can easily fly by in even the most hardcore, sweat-drenching spin workout thanks to an EXTREMELY addicting endorphins release! But, with all of the micro-movements, muscle shaking, and core-bracing that barre brings, time kinda feels like it stands still for me in those classes. I unequivocally credit barre to breaking through the weight loss plateau I hit a couple of months ago. It’s hard, but it produces FAST results which help keep motivation high. I went from taking one to two days of barre per week to three to four days of barre per week, and within a month could visibly notice improved muscle definition.”

What I’m most proud of: “Finding inner peace, self-acceptance, and learning to believe in myself.”

What’s next: “I’m still working on myself, but in ways that I never thought of before. I am focusing on how strong I feel, what my mood is like, and the way my clothes fit, rather than the number on the scale, how my pant size stacks up against someone else’s, or what I think other people may be thinking about me. I’m on a journey with no pre-determined destination this time around, and it feels great!”

What I want everyone to know: “Looking great on the outside is pointless if you don’t feel the same on the inside. If you always do what you’ve always done, nothing will ever change, so you must challenge yourself consistently. Rough days will come, and that’s ok; they are part of what make us human. However, getting connected with an amazing group of people to work out with — ones who inspire you to accept, love, and better yourself —can be huge in helping you never feel like those rough days have to be tackled alone.”

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