The Checkup: The Protein-Packed Dinner Staple You’re Better Off Buying Frozen

And more healthy reads you should be aware of this morning!

• There’s something about the frozen aisle that just feels less fresh than it’s non-frozen counterparts. But as Bon Appetit points out, when it comes to shrimp (a trusty protein-packed dinnertime add-in), unless you saw the boat pull up to the store delivering its catch (okay, that’s a little dramatic — but still), there’s no way of knowing that the shrimp in the case are actually all that fresh. They say you’re better off buying frozen shrimp, since they’ve likely been frozen since they were caught, unlike their “fresh” peers who were likely also frozen but then thawed by the folks at the fish counter and are losing freshness points by the hour. [Bon Appétit]

• You know how when you get your hair cut you’re all like: “Man, I wish it was enough to donate” but you’re also all like “I can’t get rid of all of it …” Well, Green Circle Salons have found the environmentally-friendly middle ground: They collect hair trimmings — no matter the length — and create “hair booms,” which are essentially big bundles of hair, which are distributed around the world to help sop up oil spills. [Women’s Health]

• Low- intensity sustained state cardio, or LISS cardio for short, is a low-intensity aerobic activity that you perform for a longer period of time. Basically, it’s an active rest day — our favorite kind of day! [POPSUGAR]

•If you’re a person that finds themselves in the dark depths of an anxiety attack, seemingly out of nowhere, you might want to turn to the TV for a calming effect. Apparently, your go-to dumb, if not trashy, TV shows can help distract your mind from your panicky thoughts. BRB, queuing up some Say Yes to the Dress episodes … just in case. [Greatist]

• Because indoor air tends to be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, it’s pretty important to be conscious of the products and items in your home that could be screwing with the health of your family. Here, some easy steps for detoxifying your home to make it a happy and healthy space. [Well + Good]

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