The Checkup: One Major Reason to Choose Hot Coffee Over Iced Coffee

And more healthy reads to help you have a great Friday.

• As someone who’s been drinking coffee since I was old enough to ride the school bus, having a cup of joe in the morning isn’t just an option; it’s a serious must. And when I’m running out the door, tight on time, I will scoop up a cup from the closest shop, and if it’s hot out, you better believe I am going for an iced coffee. But it looks like, if caffeine is my goal (and it is), this choice is one that could cost me in the pick-me-up department. The way iced coffee is brewed could mean less caffeine. NOOOOOO. [Science of Us]

• WARNING: If your neck hurts, you’re probably not doing your ab exercises correctly, and you’re definitely not maximizing the benefits. [SELF]

• Facebook isn’t just good for seeing what your middle-school boyfriend has done with his life — it’s also good for taking free yoga classes. [Women’s Health]

• At around 72 calories each and dozens of ways to eat them, eggs should be your new favorite protein. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Looking to save money and save the environment at once? Of course you are. Keep your apple cores and make your own apple cider vinegar so you don’t have to drop mad cash on a bottle of Bragg. How very Pinterest-y of you. [Huffington Post]

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