The Checkup: 10 Trainer-Approved Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Workout



• Here, 10 workout tips trainers wish they could tell everyone. Like, stop holding onto the elliptical like you’re holding on for dear life—that death grip decreases the number of calories burned! [Real Simple]

• JetBlue might soon be serving its passengers protein bars made with cricket flour. Yes, you read that right: cricket flour. [Refinery29]

• Here, three stress-busting yoga stretches you can do anywhere. [Health]

• Turns out gluten sensitivity might not have anything to do with gluten at all—it could be a reaction to these pesky sugars called FODMAPs. [Science of Us]

• Tonight’s homework: go home and make these vegan chocolate hazelnut truffles. You won’t be sorry. [Greatist]

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