Einstein Health Is Auctioning Broad Street Bibs for $2,500

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Okay, dejected Broad Street Run hopefuls, let’s recap your options for getting into the race: You’ve got the bib-transfer program and charity-bib options. You had the Healthy Trails 5K, but their website says they’re now sold out of Broad Street bibs, so womp womp. And, of course, there’s the bandit route, but I will not officially condone that.

So what’s left? If you’re really willing to cough up for an official slot, Einstein Health announced today a first-ever Broad Street Run bib auction with five race bibs on the table. Opening bid is $100, with subsequent bids increasing by $25. The auction will stay open until April 9th at noon.

If you can’t wait nearly two weeks and the thought of potentially losing yet another Broad Street bib is just too much to bear, you can opt to buy it now—for $2,500. I feel compelled to note that Broad Street bibs retailed for $43 this year, with the most expensive option, until now, being the charity bibs, which require $500 of fundraising. But I guess what you’re paying for here is a guarantee. Ah, the price for peace of mind.

Of course, the four-digit price tag is easier to swallow, when you consider that funds raised through the Einstein auction will support the health system’s Albert Einstein Society, a grant-making organization that supports research projects and special programs helmed by Einstein physicians. Auction winners will also get passes to get into Einstein’s finish line tent, as well as swag from the health system.

The auction is happening here, if you’re interested.

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