Didn’t Make It Into the Broad Street Run? You Have Hope: Bib Transfer Program

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

I’ve already heard from a few frustrated readers who weren’t selected for the Broad Street Run. They all want to know: Is there anything to be done?

Well, yes, actually, there is.

In addition to the advice I gave to veteran (i.e. 10+ years) runners yesterday and to those who want to run for charity, there’s another option: the race’s bib-transfer program, allowing runners who signed up to participate, but no longer wish to run, the opportunity to transfer (duh) their race registration to another runner.

Here’s how it works: Registered runners can post on a sellers’ message board on BSR’s website letting runner-hopefuls know they have a bib up for grabs. (Runner hopefuls can also post on a message board for buyers.) Registered runners may sell their bib but may only charge face value, according to race rules; in fact, the race is threatening to ban those who try to overcharge from future races.

Once the registered runner and hopeful strike an agreement, the runner can apply for a transfer code, which they’ll pass along to the hopeful. The hopeful can use the code to get the bib, but note: There is a $15 fee assessed to the hopeful. That means, if the hopeful pays face value for the bib ($43) and incurs the fee, it will cost that person $58 to run the Broad Street Run.

Note also that the financial transaction between buyers and sellers is not handled through the BSR website. If you’re exchanging money, I would suggest doing it through a safe website, like Paypal—but that’s just my two cents.

Although the transfer program is officially slated to open on March 1st, it looks like the message boards and the transfer portal are already live, so you can begin posting if you’re looking for a bib, as a ton of people have already done. The transfer program ends on April 18th; all in-process transfers must be completed by that time.

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