Run the Healthy Trails 5K, Get a Broad Street Run Bib

Healthy Trails 5K

Healthy Trails 5K

Shut out of the Broad Street Run? Dry your tears: There’s a back door into the race, if you didn’t win the lottery.

Organizers of the upcoming Healthy Trails 5K have Broad Street Run bibs to give away to folks who participate in their race. It works like this: Sign up for the 5K on April 13th, and you can opt to receive a registration code for one of 50 reserved slots for the Broad Street Run. You won’t get the code right away; you must participate in the 5K run, and, after the race, once organizers confirm you crossed the finish line, they’ll submit your name to the Broad Street Run, which will then release your code. You’ll still have to pay for your Broad Street bib, of course, but at least this guarantees that you’ll actually get one.

Race organizers tell me that, so far, only eight of the 50 BSR bibs have been claimed, so there are still a bunch to go around. But I would get your name in pronto to ensure you get one.

The Healthy Trails 5K takes place in wooded  Tacony Creek Park in Northeast Philly (the starting line is at Ferko Playground, 1101 East Cayuga Street). Proceeds benefit trail and park improvement efforts. Sign up ($20) here.

$20, April 13th at 9 a.m., Ferko Playground, 1101 East Cayuga Street, Philadelphia.

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