VIDEO: Take a 112-Mile Paddle Down the Schuylkill River in 3 Minutes

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Well, friends, it’s been 10 months since we posted the Philly Fitness Bucket List, our handpicked compendium of the 25 things every local fitness enthusiast needs to do at least once. So it’s time for a status check: How many items have you managed to check off? (You can go ahead and tell us in the comments.)

While we’re certainly smitten with all 25 to-dos, we’re particularly jazzed today about #17, the Schuylkill River Sojourn. See, the just-posted video, below — part of WHYY’s Keystone Crossroads series on urban waterfronts — documents the seven-day, 112-mile kayaking journey from Schuylkill Haven to Boathouse Row in a speedy three-minute reel. And the kayak-mounted camera aaallllmost makes you feel like you were there.  Read more »

This Stunning Drone Video Will Make You Not Hate The Icy Weather, Maybe

We’re so over winter–especially after the latest storm that transformed the city into one enormous ice skating rink. While the shoveling, salting and slipping have certainly worn out their collective welcome (and clumpy boots, too!), there’s no denying one thing: winter is damn beautiful.

That’s especially true when it’s enjoyed from the confines of your warm home or even the office. Because it’s too dangerous to venture out onto the frozen Schuylkill River (for most of us, cough Brad Maule cough), drone enthusiast Rocco Avallone did us all a gigantic solid and captured the serene scenes from high above (and even up close to) our city’s Hidden River. It’s quite magical.

• H/t: Drone Captures Aerial Views of Schuylkill River [NBC10]

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Morning Headlines: Dranoff Encourages New Schuylkill Corridor Development

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Carl Dranoff was present at yesterday’s Urban Land Institute meeting, where real estate professionals gathered to address current and future plans for the flourishing Schuylkill River area connecting Center City and University City.

The Dranoff Properties president held up Boston’s MIT as an example of a higher education campus with a significant private sector (thanks to their research facility) and encouraged something akin to this in Philadelphia. From NewsWorks:

“He [Dranoff] pointed out that Philly needs to attract new jobs and research facilities and new start-ups, instead of just shifting around the current players.

“Up to now we’ve attracted too few new jobs. I hope that changes,” he said. “But new exciting plans, more modern facilities — that will attract new companies. And I hope that begets new housing and new retail.”

On that note, it seems the Pennovation Center appears to be on the road to doing just that.

Bigger plans for developing both sides of Schuylkill [NewsWorks]

In the meantime, more news this way…

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Smart, Attractive Couple Walks on (Frozen) Water

Our friend HughE Dillon sends us these pics of Oliver and Jenny from Love Story  a lovely couple walking onto the frozen Schuylkill River this week—right next to parts that, given then apparent presence of standing water instead of ice (though that might just be ice without snow on it) suggests the support might’ve been a little thin. Did they get great pics? Yes. We’re just glad neither one of them drowned.

photos (Large)

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