Report: Pa. Ranks Eighth in Tech Employment

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Pennsylvania ranks eighth among U.S. states for the size of its tech-oriented workforce, a new report says.

The Cyberstates 2016 report was produced by CompTIA. It said there were 228,754 tech workers in the state, making an average wage of $92,179. That average wage ranked 18th among the states.

Still, the tech sector’s growth in 2015 was much slower here than nationally — just a 0.6 percent growth in Pennsylvania compared to 3 percent nationwide. And while wages grew by 1.2 percent nationally, they declined a bit in Pennsylvania, by 0.1 percent. The state jus about kept up with patent growth, though, raising that rate by 8.2 percent — the national rate was 8.4 percent. Read more »

Proposal Would Automatically Seal Minor Criminal Records

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf - criminal record sealing bill signing

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signs the bill expanding criminal record sealing in February . (Photo: Wolf’s Twitter)

Hot on the heels of a new state law that makes it easier to seal old, minor criminal records — as well as new Philly rules expanding “ban the box” legislation — comes a new proposal aimed at making it easier yet for people with criminal convictions to find employment.

The proposal — floated last week by Sen. Scott Wagner, a York County Republican, and Sen. Anthony Williams, a Philly Democrat — would automatically seal low-level criminal records. The law last month requires such folks to go to court and petition to have the record sealed; the new proposal would remove even that hurdle to removing such records from public view.

Wagner and Williams’ proposal would seal the following records automatically: Read more »

Are Liberal Bosses Better for Women?

Brad Greenwood, Temple University

Brad Greenwood, Temple University

It’s easier for women to get opportunities and promotions at law firms led by liberals, according to a new paper co-written by a Temple University researcher.

Brad Greenwood, an assistant professor of management information systems at Temple’s Fox School of Business, joined Seth Carnahan, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, in determining that women are at a disadvantage in offices where bosses make more political contributions to Republican candidates.

“Findings suggest that liberal male law partners are more likely than moderate partners to serve on diversity committees and to select female associates for training and development opportunities, while conservative partners are less likely to do so,” the pair wrote. “We also find that associates have larger gender disparities in promotion and turnover when partners in their practice area are more conservative.” Read more »

Can Boathouse Sports Show Manufacturers How to Bring Jobs Back to the U.S.?

John Strotbeck | YouTube

John Strotbeck | YouTube

It’s a tough campaign season for globalization.

With Donald Trump winning Republican voters by promising better trade deals, and Bernie Sanders challenging Hillary Clinton with his own brand of protectionism, it seems that “offshoring” jobs is less popular than ever.

It might be John Strotbeck’s moment. He’s the founder and CEO of Boathouse Sports in Philadelphia — it’s a sports apparel manufacturer — and he’s become an example of the success of “reshoring” — bringing offshored jobs back from overseas. He makes a cameo in the new book, American Dragon: Winning the Global Manufacturing War Using the Universal Principles of Fewer, Faster, and Finer, and he increasingly find himself cited in national magazines.

The latest citation is today at the New Yorker, where Jeffrey Rothfeder writesRead more »

“Ban the Box” Law Goes Into Effect Monday



A reminder to Philadelphia employers: The city’s new, expanded “ban the box” law goes into effect on Monday, one of the last pieces of legislation signed by former Mayor Nutter to finally take effect.

As we’ve reported before, the new rules are designed to help ex-offenders find jobs by mandating that prospective employers withhold questions about criminal history during the job application process.

Some requirements of the new law: Read more »

Philadelphia Region Among Worst for Women-Owned Businesses



Bad news for Philadelphia’s reputation as an inclusive, cutting edge, growing business ecosystem — the Philadelphia region was ranked 90th out of 100 cities for women-owned businesses by WalletHub.

It’s important to note that WalletHub combined Philadelphia, Camden and Wilmington together for this ranking, so who knows if Philly would have fared better or worse by itself.

WalletHub found that the Philly region got a total score of 40.84 in business friendliness to women — compared to 70.04 for the No. 1 region Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin in Tennessee. Read more »

Maria Quiñones-Sánchez Wants to Make Philly the “BCorp Capital of the World”

Maria Quinones-Sanchez | Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Maria Quiñones-Sánchez | Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Sometimes, a business can do well by doing good.

That’s the idea behind so-called “BCorps” — businesses that pledge to achieve social goals while making profits. It’s an idea that’s gained popularity in the post-recession era — and attracted the eye of Philadelphia City Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez. On Thursday, she introduced a pair of bills to attract and keep such businesses in the city.

“BCorps keep an eye on the triple bottom line — people, planet and profit — proving that you can do well and also do good,” Sánchez said in a press release announcing the initiatives. “By expanding our existing sustainability incentives, we can make Philadelphia the BCorp capital of the world.” Read more »

Study: Philly Small Business Owners Optimistic About 2016

Gorgeous. |

A survey of 300 small business owners in the Philadelphia area suggests 2016 could be a good year for the local economy.

More than a quarter of those businesses believe they’ll exceed revenue goals in 2016 — up from 19 percent a year ago. Sixty-two percent of owners say they’re optimistic about the year, and one in five believe it will be their best year yet.

“It’s encouraging to see confidence levels among this group rise as we enter 2016, for both the local small business marketplace and the Greater Philadelphia economy overall,” Mike Carbone, TD Bank’s regional president, said in a statement announcing the results. Read more »

Philly Named Top Family Vacation Destination in U.S.

ABC Travel Guides for Kids puts out this guide for Philadelphia. The company ranks the city its top family vacation destination.

ABC Travel Guides for Kids puts out this guide for Philadelphia. The company ranks the city its top family vacation destination.

A company that makes travel guides for kids has ranked Philly its top destination for family vacations.

Philly took the top spot in the rankings determined by ABC Travel Guides for Kids. Among the company’s products: A scavenger hunt game to find some of Philly’s best-known sculptures.

But there are plenty of other things for parents and their kids to do in the city, the company said.

Here’s the rundown: Read more »

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