The Best Business Lunch Spots, According to Philly Execs

Local business and startup leaders swear by these places, which offer the ideal setting for impressing clients and landing that important deal.

Photo courtesy of Double Knot.

There are some strict rules when it comes to mastering a business lunch, and getting the setting right — or wrong — can be what makes or breaks a big deal between you and a client. We reached out to local executives to figure out their favorite go-to places for the perfect business lunch. Here are their suggestions.

Stephen Tang, CEO, Orasure

Han Dynasty in University City is my consistent favorite. It’s become the company cafeteria for uCity Square’s innovation community, and it’s a great spot for serendipitous collisions with pioneers from Spark Therapeutics, Invisible Sentinel, CIC, the Science Center, Penn, Penn Medicine and Drexel. It’s a toss-up between the spicy cuisine and the deal making that makes Han such a hot spot!

Karen Daroff, president, Daroff Design

My favorite restaurant for a business lunch is Butcher and Singer. I find their U-shaped booths cozy and in the correct proportion for small group discussions of two to four people. The menu choices are diverse and able to accommodate many individual preferences from delicious salads to fresh seafood and/or burgers and steaks. And there’s always excellent service!

Jess Mazzeo, COO, Greisling Law

CHOPS is my go-to for business lunch meetings. It’s conveniently located, has great food and the atmosphere is quiet enough to have a conversation where you don’t need to shout to be heard.

Brittany Bronson, owner, Rebrand Consulting

My favorite place to hold business lunches in Philly right now is Uncle Bobbies Coffee and Books in Germantown. Uncle Bobbies is intimate, plays amazing soulful music at just the right volume, and has great lunch and coffee options. I love the aesthetic of the large windows, and it has books by African-American artists and authors featured on the shelves. The mix of students, entrepreneurs, and other busy folks working or meeting with other community organizers is motivating, calming, inviting, and cozy for client consultations or collaborations with other small businesses.

Dave Silver, co-founder and CEO, RECPhilly

Nothing better than a good business lunch over at Double Knot in Center City. Introduced to me by Philly Mag New Power honoree Bob Moore, the spot is perfect for some high-quality food at a decent price. It’s not too loud and has some nicely dim lighting. You might also find me at either Gran Caffe L’Aquila at 17th & Chestnut or Capriccio Cafe at 16th & JFK.

Fatimah Conteh, CEO, IndieSoulGlow

I love grabbing a bite to eat at P.S. & Co. The brick walls, woodwork, and plants sprinkled throughout the seating area create an inviting atmosphere. The quality of the food is impeccable and the menu is organized mindfully— listing gluten, nut, and soy-free items. Not to mention the members of the staff are artsy and knowledgeable individuals with fascinating stories.

Kenneth Johnson, president, East Coast Executives

My favorite place to hold a business lunch is Chris’ Jazz Cafe. The Samson Street location, just a few steps off of Broad Street, makes it easily accessible and it has a parking garage adjacent. A major reason why this has been a great place for lunch is that people don’t view a jazz cafe as a place that would be ideal or open for lunch. So reservations are seamless, and it’s not too loud to converse with your guest. Plus, if you tip your server well they may even offer you an incentive to come back that evening for some great music. Love this place!