Del. Peeping Tom Sketch Looks Like Drake, Many Others

mugshot Police in New Castle County, Delaware, are looking into reports of a peeping Tom. Cops say a neighbor saw a man walking in a woman’s backyard in Eastburn Acres (near Stanton).

The witness says he was in his early 20s and about 6-foot-4. She had seen him looking into the woman’s windows before. Last night, they released a sketch.

In order to bring more attention to the police sketch of this man, and get an easy post on an August Thursday afternoon, I decided to ask my followers who it looks like. It’s amazing the breadth of the answers I received! My favorite answer was: Drake! He’s on tour, so it’s not him, but I see the resemblance. It’s amazing how many different people — who don’t really look alike — this sketch looks like!

Check out a bunch of guesses as to who this guy looks like:

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Pilots Warned About Design of Jet in Lewis Katz Crash

Gulfstream has warned pilots about a safety device that does not work as expected on its Gulfstream IV jets. The jet’s design is supposed to prevent pilots from engaging engines for takeoff power if wing and tail control panels are locked. But according to the letter obtained by Bloomberg News, that can be thwarted in some situations.

A Gulfstream IV was carrying Inquirer co-owner Lewis Katz and six others crashed earlier this year, killing everyone on board. The NSTB says pilot error may have contributed to the crash.

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Mo’ne Davis Set a TV Ratings Record Last Night

Although the Taney Dragons lost last night in the Little League World Series, the TV ratings were still high. Taney’s game against Mountain Ridge of Las Vegas became the highest-rated LLWS broadcast in the history of ESPN.

SI writes:

For comparison: The 3.4 rating ESPN received tops CBS’ final-round rating (3.1) for the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational​ last Sunday, as well as that night’s Yankees-Red Sox broadcast (1.7).

Additionally, the LLWS broadcast drew 10 times the number of viewers that the Angels-Red Sox game got on ESPN2 at the same time.

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Pro-Israel Student Assaulted on Temple’s Campus

A Temple student was assaulted on move-in day on Wednesday afternoon. Police say the victim was called an anti-Semitic slur and punched before the assailant ran away.

“And then this kid just rocks me in the face as hard as he can,” the victim, Daniel Vessal, told Truth Revolt, a site by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. “My glasses flew off. After a two-second blur I had no clue what had happened. I couldn’t believe the kid actually hit me.”

The assault happened near the table for the Temple chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine. That group released a statement saying a former student unaffiliated with SJP slapped the pro-Israel student.

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Defense in Building Collapse May Call on Mayor to Testify

Michael Nutter may have to take the stand in a murder case, if defense lawyers have their way.

Philadelphia’s mayor is one of more than 50 potential witnesses lawyers for two men charged in last year’s building collapse at 22nd and Market submitted to the court. Seven were killed and 13 hurt in the collapse of a building under demolition.

The defense lawyers, William D. Hobson and Daine A. Grey Jr., told the Inquirer the mayor and his aides were relevant witnesses because they were involved in the investigation and redevelopment plan for the 22nd and Market site.

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Double Amputee Shoplifts $315 in Meat, Flees on SEPTA


Lower Southampton police are looking for a man who they say took $300 worth of meat from the Giant Supermarket on Bustleton Pike in Feasterville. The reason this is more newsworthy than usual: He’s a double amputee.

The Bucks County Courier Times reports that cops say the man got away with four beef tenderloins and a large package of chicken breasts. (That’s $315? Meat is expensive!) He escaped southbound on Bustleton on the SEPTA 58 bus, which heads down Bustleton all the way to the Frankford Transportation Center (Bridge Street).

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Iceland Volcano Could Threaten Penn State Football Opener

Scientists are reporting thousands of small earthquakes in the area around Iceland’s Bárðarbunga volcano, leading to fears of a possible eruption. Those who travel to Europe may remember the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010, which led to the cancelation of 107,000 flights due to ash in the air.

“So what!” you say. “What does a hard-to-pronounce volcano have to do with me?” Well, there is a Pennsylvania angle to this story: The volcano’s eruption may delay Penn State’s football opener.

Penn State is playing the University of Central Florida in its season opener at Dublin, Ireland’s Croke Park. Penn State has made contingency plans that involve listening to the airline and monitoring the situation.

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Taney Falls at Little League World Series; Plays Again Thursday


Mo’ne Davis struck out six but the Taney Dragons fell to a team from Las Vegas, 8-1, in the third round of the Little League World Series. Taney will play Thursday at 7:30 p.m. for a chance to face the Vegas team again in the United States championship on Saturday.

Mountain Ridge, the team from Vegas, was an offensive powerhouse: It scored 15 runs in its first two Little League World Series games. Davis went 2.1 innings and allowed 3 runs. Six of her seven outs came via strikeout.

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Here’s an Animated GIF of Chip Kelly Diving Into a Pool of Ice Water


Yesterday, the entire Philadelphia Eagles team took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The team did it as one: Much of the team climbed into a giant pool filled with ice water and had dump trucks pour more ice water on them.

But the best part of the Eagles’ Ice Bucket Challenge is shown in the animated GIF above, which shows coach Chip Kelly diving into the pool head-first before any of his players did.

Kelly does the ice bucket challenge like he calls plays: As quickly as possible. Plus, you have to believe those dump trucks had several different ways to pour ice on the Eagles players. Kelly uses packaged plays everywhere!

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