Philly Sole: A Look at Soccer Star Maurice Edu’s 400-Pair Sneaker Collection


Maurice Edu’s collection goes from sporty to splashy. | Photo by Victoria Stern.

Philadelphia basketball sneaker sales have risen 17 percent in the last year, and I have an inkling as to why. In a sneaker-obsessed city, Maurice Edu, midfielder for the Philadelphia Union, might be the biggest sneakerhead in town. His Center City apartment is filled with them—cobalt blue studded Louboutins, leopard-print Guiseppe Zanottis—and this is only a mere fraction of his collection. I talked with Edu about his love of sneakers at his Center City apartment, and got a look at some of his favorite, most splashy pairs.

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Attacks Heating Up in Race for Pennsylvania Governor

This is the new ad from Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, bashing challenger Tom Wolf over how his company moved to Delaware. Problem is the Wolf Company says it pays its corporate taxes in Pennsylvania and that it does not take advantage of the “Delaware loophole” that lets companies avoid it. About 70 percent of Pennsylvania companies take advantage of this loophole.

The other part of Corbett’s ad is kind of weird, too. Part of it’s fine: Tom Wolf was Secretary of Revenue under Ed Rendell and testified on behalf of the proposed tax increases (but they failed). But he didn’t make tax policy as revenue secretary. It’s kind of like blaming the head of the IRS for high federal taxes.

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Penn State Coach’s Daughter Has Sickle Cell Anemia

Speaking to the media yesterday, Penn State football coach James Franklin revealed his daughter Addy has sickle cell anemia. Franklin, who was hired to replace Bill O’Brien in January, has two daughters, Addison, 5, and Shola, 6.

Franklin and his wife, Fumi, have known Addy had the disease since birth. Sickle cell anemia causes red blood cells to form a crescent shape (like a sickle) because they contain abnormal hemoglobin. Approximately 1 in 5,000 Americans have the disease, mostly African-Americans.

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There Have Been Way More Fireflies in Philly This Year

Thanks in part to a wet spring, there have been way more fireflies in Philadelphia this year. Neat! You’ll have to get a bigger jar to keep them in this year. (Make sure to poke holes in the top. Or, whatever, don’t they just die anyway when you do that? Yeah, wait: Don’t keep lightning bugs in a jar at all! Let them be!)

In addition to the humid weather this year, invertebrate scientist Karen Verderame says the city’s decision to use fewer pesticides have helped the firefly population. “People have been getting more connected to their environment, planting local species in their gardens, that could contribute,” she adds.

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N.J. Sues Fla. Pizza Shop Over Garden State Parkway-Like Logo


New Jersey has sued a Florida pizza shop for misappropriating the Garden State Parkway logo for its own pizza-related logo. Let’s get to the best sentence in the lawsuit now: “Over the years, many third parties have attempted to trade off of the fame and notoriety associated with Plaintiff’s Garden State Parkway Logo and Plaintiff has actively and successfully policed against infringing third-party uses of its mark.” Notorious G.S.P.!

The state has filed a lawsuit against Jersey Boardwalk Pizza, claiming its Garden State Parkway knockoff logo — and a similar mark used for franchising — is attempting to piggyback off the “fame” of the Parkway and could confuse customers into thinking the Parkway is running the pizza shop. (Wouldn’t that be bad for the business? That new rest stop barely has any bathroom stalls!)

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Pennsylvania Selling 11 Bridges for as Little as $1

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Okay, not me. But the state of Pennsylvania has 11 bridges for sale, ranging from $1 to $500. And the Federal Highway Administration will likely foot the transportation cost! Imagine: A bridge in your backyard, in your condo, in your bathroom!

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Atlantic City Mayor: ‘Half-Dozen’ Buyers Interested in Revel Casino

One of Atlantic City’s endangered casinos might have a future after all. Don Guardian, the awesomely named mayor of AC, says there are six potential buyers for the Revel Casino Hotel. Revel’s owners say it will shut down if it can’t find a buyer by the end of summer.

Guardian, a Republican, shared the news at a news conference yesterday. “No, I’m not happy that three casinos are closing,” he said. “But I know that behind closed doors there are a half-dozen companies looking at the opportunity to purchase Revel.”

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