Donald Trump T-Shirts Have Taken Over the Wildwood Boardwalk


Welcome to the fifth annual edition of the Wildwood Boardwalk T-Shirt Guide!

Not a lot has changed on the boards since I did my first one of these in 2012. I probably wouldn’t have believed you four years ago if you told me that I’d still be doing this in 2016. I definitely wouldn’t have believed you if you told me Donald Trump would be the hottest item on boardwalk shirts this year.

But it’s true. I spoke with five different shop owners during a trip to the Wildwood boardwalk this week. None of them wanted to be identified — perhaps because of the massive copyright infringement the Wildwood boardwalk t-shirt business thrives on, or maybe they were just shy — but they all agreed: They expect to sell a ton of Donald Trump merchandise this summer.

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But if the hottest shirts on the Wildwood boardwalk this summer are ones supporting Donald Trump, the number two item might be shirts opposing him.

Wildwood boardwalk t-shirts - Trump

(Yes, that’s a “We Shall Overcomb” pun on a shirt that has turned Donald Trump’s hair into a bald eagle.) Read more »

A.C. Will Face Major Budget Cuts if Christie Signs Rescue Bills

Photo | Dan McQuade

Photo | Dan McQuade

The future of Atlantic City is now in Gov. Chris Christie‘s hands. Or, rather, his pen.

A pair of state aid packages passed the Assembly and Senate today and are now awaiting Christie’s signature. The bills give the city 150 days to come up with five-year fiscal plan for balanced budgets. If Christie signs them, the city would have to cut roughly $100 million in its fiscal plan.

The city will get about $56 million for the 2017 state budget, with the money coming in state aid and redirected casino funds.

Both bills passed the assembly in the early afternoon. The Senate passed them later in the day.

Read more »

Drug-Resistant Superbug Found in Pennsylvania Woman


A terrifying strain of drug-resistant bacteria has made its first appearance in the United States — in a Pennsylvania woman.

The report, posted online Thursday as an accepted paper in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, says the E. coli found in a woman in the Keystone State “heralds the emergence of truly pan-drug resistant bacteria.”

A woman, 49, came to a Pennsylvania clinic and was found to have a rare strain of E. coli that is resistant to colistin. Read more »

Philly Judge Admits He Lied to the FBI

"Justice" engraved on Philadelphia's City Hall

“Justice” engraved on Philadelphia’s City Hall. Photo | Jeff Fusco

Municipal Court Judge Joseph O’Neill admitted today he lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation during an investigation into wrongdoing in the courts. He pleaded guilty to making false statements during the federal corruption investigation.

O’Neill, 65, admitted that he lied to the FBI on two occasions when they investigated former Judge Joseph C. Waters Jr. earlier this decade. Waters abruptly resigned his position and pleaded guilty to fraud in September 2014.

During that investigation, investigators twice asked O’Neill if Waters communicated with him about a case involving Donegal Investment Properties. The owner of Donegal was Sam Kuttab, an ally of Waters, and the FBI had intercepted a conversation where Waters asks O’Neill to “take a hard look at it.” Kuttab pleaded guilty last year. Read more »

PLCB Approves Six-Pack Licenses at Gas Stations

Six packs of beer at Pennsylvania gas stations

Yesterday, we told you about Gov. Tom Wolf’s plea to “free the six-pack” at Pennsylvania gas stations. Wolf called for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to approve several licenses that

On cue, today the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approved nine applications yesterday. Several were from gas stations asking to be able to sell six-packs of beer (up to 192 fluid ounces at a time). Almost as if this were designed this way, Wolf then released a statement complete with hip graphic (above) declaring victory and praising the LCB. Hrmm. Read more »

Who Uses GrubHub to Order Food from Downey’s?

Downey's - Front and South streets

Downey’s at Front and South streets in Center City Philadelphia. (Photo: Dan McQuade)

It’s been a rough decade for Downey’s.

The bar filed for bankruptcy in September 2010. The next year, inspectors found rat carcasses at the restaurant — two days before St. Patrick’s Day and just before the bar went on Jon Taffer’s Bar Rescue.

Founded by Jack Downey in 1976, the bar was long a hangout for Irish Philadelphians. Downey sold it to his chef, Domenico Centofanti, in 2003. By the time it was on Bar Rescue, the bar was struggling. Centofanti said the closure of Front Street cut his business in half.

“This was absolutely the worst and dirtiest restaurant I’ve ever set foot in,” Brian Duffy, a former chef who helped try to return the bar to its past glory on Bar Rescue, said at the time. “There was trash in the hallways. Dead lobsters everywhere. The walk-in fridge was more like an air conditioner. The products in there were rancid. It was 52 degrees and it’s supposed to be under 40. It’s like throwing a festival for bacteria.”

Downey’s had been named the Worst Irish Bar in America. Read more »

Hershey’s Is First to Sign on to Pennovation Center

View from the University Avenue Bridge

View from the University Avenue Bridge

Things are going to be a little chocolatey on the banks of the Schuylkill River.

Today Penn announced that the Hershey Company — yes, the candy company — was the first to sign on as the corporate sponsor for its Pennovation Center in South Philadelphia.  Read more »

Gov. Tom Wolf: “Free the Six-pack” in Gas Stations

Tom Wolf - six pack of beer

Six pack photo by Alan Levine, used under a Creative Commons license

You soon might be able to buy gasoline and beer at the same location — though not at the same time.

In a letter to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board titled “Free the Six-pack,” Gov. Tom Wolf asks the PLCB to allow gas stations to sell six packs of beer at attached convenience stores. The liquor code currently forbids the LCB from approving any new licenses “where the sale of liquid fuels or oil is conducted.”

But, Wolf writes, the LCB should approve 12 such gas station licenses to sell up to 192 ounces of “malt or brewed beverages.” Though the law says the board should not approve such licenses, Wolf says a recent court case has reversed one item in the liquor code: Read more »

Jackie Robinson’s First Contracts Will Be on Display in Philly

Mykalai Kontilai - Jackie Robinson contract

Mykalai Kontilai holds Jackie Robinson’s first contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. (Photo | Dan McQuade)

“For the performance of the Player’s services and promises hereunder the Club will pay the Player the sum of FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($5,000.00) for the season.”

The salary may not sound impressive today, but the year was 1947. And the signature on the next page of the contract is even more impressive: Jack Roosevelt Robinson.

Beginning Thursday, Jackie Robinson’s original professional baseball contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers will be on display at the National Constitution Center for two weeks. The contract is on what its owners call a “Freedom Tour” of the United States, and it will make its longest-scheduled stay in the City of Brotherly Love. Robinson’s first minor league contract with the Montreal Royals, signed in 1946, will also be on display alongside it.

The contracts will be on display as part of the Center’s primary exhibit, “The Story of We the People,” until June 5th. Regular admission is $14.50 for adults; the museum is free on Memorial Day due to a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. Read more »

Only Phillies Player Who Can Hit Benched for Not Hustling

Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Odubel Herrera.

Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Odubel Herrera.

Odubel Herrera went 3-for-4 last night. But it was his only out of the game that made Phillies manager Pete Mackanin upset. That’s because Herrera — who grounded out to the Tigers pitcher, Justin Wilson — lolly-gagged it to first base.

Normally, it wouldn’t have mattered. But Wilson stumbled, and was just as lackadaisical throwing to first as Herrera was jogging to first. Wilson’s throw just beat Herrera, but if Herrera had run it out — he might’ve been safe.

It’s possible to think of it this way: If Herrera had hustled, Wilson would have as well. He would’ve been out no matter what. But Mackanin looked at it this way: Here was a player who needed to be benched. Herrera is the only hitter on the Phillies having a good season; to bench the only good hitter on the team in 2016 would be silly. But: If you wanted to teach a 24-year-old a lesson, this was a good time.

Mackanin did the latter. The Phillies lost. How should we take this? Read more »

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