Could President Trump Really Break Up Comcast?

Donald Trump in the Comcast Center lobby

Photo illustration, obviously

Donald Trump went to Gettysburg on Saturday for a big speech, having reached the part of the campaign where he wanted to compare himself to Abraham Lincoln. His speech was supposed to lay out what the first 100 days of a Trump presidency would be like, but the main news he made during it was that he’d sue the women accusing him of sexual misconduct after the election. Four score and seven accusations ago … well, you get the idea. Read more »

Donald Trump’s Biggest Fans at Bucks Rally Were Teens

Teens at Trump rally

Donald Trump’s rally on Friday night in Newtown was full of teenagers.

I’m standing on the road outside the Newtown Athletic Club, trying to explain to these teenagers how Donald Trump was the featured attraction at WrestleMania 23.

This is not what I expected to be doing when I went to cover a Trump rally last Friday night in Bucks County, but such is the nature of journalism: You go where the job takes you. And Trump’s rally on Friday night in Newtown had an interesting crowd. Read more »

Vandal Destroys Union League Steps Overnight [UPDATED]

Union League steps - railing destroyed - CBS 3 cameraman filming

A CBS 3 cameraman films the steps of the Union League, which had a railing destroyed overnight | Photo: Dan McQuade

UPDATE 10/25: Police just released surveillance footage of the suspect. Click here to see the video.


An apparent brass thief destroyed part of the steps of the Union League this morning.

Per the League’s spokeswoman, Erica Martin, at 3:02 a.m. a man was spotted ripping the brass railing off the steps on the right side of the buildings’s Broad Street entrance. Read more »

Fans Boo as Union Make Playoffs for Just Second Time in Team History

Philadelphia Union logo

The Philadelphia Union have made the playoffs!

Hey, a sports team in this town making the postseason is a big deal nowadays. The Phillies haven’t made it since 2011, the Sixers 2012, and the Eagles 2013. The Flyers were the only team to make the playoffs last year. Plus the Union haven’t exactly been a playoff stalwart, either: This season is only the second time the franchise has made it to the postseason in its seven-year history.

So when the Union walked off the field yesterday, playoff berth in hand, what did the fans do? The only thing they could: They booed them. Read more »

I’ve Been Paying for SEPTA With a Credit Card. It’s a Godsend.

SEPTA Quick Trip ticket

A SEPTA Quick Trip ticket for an El ride I took last month.

There’s been a little extra kick in my step recently, and when I walk outside the birds seem to be singing. There is only one thing that can explain it: I’ve been using a credit card to pay for my rides on the El and the Broad Street subway.

Late last month, SEPTA announced it had deployed “Quick Trip” tickets at select SEPTA Key kiosks on the Broad Street subway and Market-Frankford El. A Quick Trip purchase gives the rider a single ride for $2.25. What makes this different than handing a SEPTA employee two dollars and a quarter is that you can buy this trip with a credit card.

I’ve been riding SEPTA my whole life. Despite this, I never remember to bring tokens (or exact change). Before last month, my experience would’ve been like this: I duck into a corner deli, tap MAC, and then buy a soda so I’ll have $2.25 for the subway or the bus. Or, if the El stop has a token machine, I put in $20 and get 11 tokens and four nickels in return. In the worst-case scenario, I’d find myself paying $5 to get on the El. It wasn’t a great setup.

But in the last month, things have gotten easier. Instead of having to spend money to make change, I can just dip my card at a SEPTA Key machine and get a slip of paper that allows me to ride the subway. After 30 years of tokens, I feel so free. Read more »

Milton Street Is No Longer a Trump Supporter

Milton Street outside the District Attorney's office

Photo by Dan McQuade

Before he’d even won a vote in the Republican presidential primaries, Donald Trump held a rally in Virginia last December. There, he met Milton Street, and his daughter, Renee Street Toppin. Trump called Milton Street a “highly respected, great man in Philadelphia,” and said he had accepted Milton’s offer to give Trump a tour of impoverished parts of Philadelphia.

That never happened. And now, with Trump the Republican nominee and just 17 days to go before the election, Street has dropped his support. As Clout reported today, Milton Street has now endorsed Hillary Clinton. Read more »

Penn Student Newspaper Endorses Clinton, Disses Alum Trump

Daily Pennsylvanian - Hillary Clinton endorsement

An excerpt from the Daily Pennsylvanian’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton

The Daily Pennsylvanian, the independent student newspaper of Penn, endorsed Hillary Clinton today in a joint editorial with the Wellesley News, the college paper of Hillary Clinton’s alma mater. Trump, as he mentions on the campaign trail, graduated from Wharton with a bachelor’s in economics in 1968. Read more »

Bernie Sanders Is Coming to the Free Library Next Month

Bernie Sanders - DNC

Bernie Sanders speaks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

What will Bernie Sanders do after the election is over?

Sanders gained a huge gathering of followers during his run for the presidency. Though he lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton, not all of his supporters have joined him in backing the Democratic nominee and her running mate, Tim Kaine. When the election ends, Sanders will be back in Congress — with a higher profile than he’s ever had before. What will he do? Read more »

Katy Perry to Perform Free Concert in Philadelphia

Katy Perry - DNC performance

Katy Perry performs at the Wells Fargo Center at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Katy Perry will hold a free concert in Philadelphia a few days before the presidential election, Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced this morning.

Perry, a pop-rock superstar with nine number-one singles in the U.S. and more than 100 million records sold worldwide, will perform at a yet-to-be-determined location in Philadelphia on November 5th, the Saturday before the election. The Clinton campaign has not yet announced how tickets will be distributed, but they’ll be free. Read more »

Clinton, Kaine to Campaign in Philly on Saturday

Tim Kaine; Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine at the DNC in South Philadelphia this July | Photo: Disney/ABC TV (license

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will make a joint appearance in Philadelphia on Saturday.

This afternoon the Clinton campaign announced visits by the duo, times and locations unspecified, to both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Per a release, the appearance will concentrate on get-out-the-vote efforts and encourage registered voters to visit a Democratic-produced GOTV website.

Most analyses of Clinton’s chances in Pennsylvania rely on a strong voting edge in both Philly and Pittsburgh, both Democratic strongholds. Dems had a 919,000-voter edge at last count largely because of the two cities, and many of the Democratic heavyweights’ visits have concentrated on registering people to vote. Now the message has shifted to getting people to vote. Read more »

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