The Best Sledding Hills Around Philadelphia

Your guide to a very fun winter.

Sledding Hills Philadelphia

Sledding Hills Philadelphia: Your guide to an amazing winter of sledding starts here. Photograph of Art Museum steps by Flickr/Jordan Sangerman

Whether you view a serious dousing of snow as the winter gods smiling or scowling upon us, one thing is always true: lots of snow means lots of great sledding. So go ahead and grab that old sled collecting dust in your basement — or, you know, a cardboard box (it’s Philly, we ain’t bougie) — and hit the snow-covered hills of Philadelphia. Consider this your guide — an insider’s map of sorts — to sledding in Philadelphia, the ‘burbs, and good ol’ South Jersey. Be sure to bookmark this page for the snows of the season yet to come because, let’s face it, it seems like it will be a snow-filled one.

Center City

Art Museum Steps
Eakins Oval

This is the mecca. A place you must sled. It’s the old Giant Slide on Morey’s Pier, but with snow. It has to be pretty snowy for this to work — these are steps, after all, plus the Art Museum will have them cleared eventually — so the best time is at night during a huge snowfall. Get a sled in at the Art Museum steps before Frank Gehry changes them forever.

There are hills out back, too. And don’t forget about the less-crowded back steps!

South Philadelphia

FDR Park
Broad Street and Pattison Avenue

Yes, there are actually places to sled in South Philly. Well, we came up with one, anyway. The hills aren’t that steep at the lakes, but its expanse will give you plenty of room to slide around. And really, that’s half the fun.

Plus, if the slopes of FDR are too crowded, Packer Park is right next door and the sledding is fiiiine.

West/Southwest Philadelphia

Belmont Plateau
Fairmount Park, Belmont Avenue and Montgomery Drive

The same feature that makes Belmont Plateau one of the premiere, challenging cross country courses on the East Coast is the same that makes it one of the best spots for sledding in the city: The hills. Oh, the hills at Belmont Plateau are impressive. While some of the running hills on the cross country course might be too rocky or steep to sled down, the main hill closest to the street (called Flagpole) could keep you occupied for hours.

Clark Park
43rd Street and Baltimore Avenue

If you’re not in the mood for something quite so steep, the bowl at Clark Park is almost a big half-pipe of snow. Since it’s a bowl, even at its most crowded there is always ample room to sled. And, you know, make snow angels.

Bartram’s Garden
5400 Lindbergh Boulevard

The historic garden encourages sledding on snowy days, and has a few hills you can glide down. And we’d be remiss not to mention how downright beautiful of a place it is.

Saint Joseph’s University
5600 West City Avenue

Come on, St. Joe’s kids: Your school’s campus is nicknamed Hawk Hill. Grab a lunch tray from the cafeteria and have a blast.

Cobbs Creek Golf Course
7400 Lansdowne Avenue

You can’t golf when it’s snowing, but the city’s golf courses can remain in use: The rolling hills of the public Cobbs Creek Golf Course make a great spot for winter sledding.

North Philadelphia

Lemon Hill
Fairmount Park, Lemon Hill Drive

Located in East Fairmount Park, Lemon Hill always fills up with sledders at the first snowflake. Just take more care than the unfortunate sledder in the video above.

Dead Man’s Hill
Fisher Park Recreation Center, 
600 W. Spencer Street

Olney’s Fisher Park has been the center of North Philly sledding for years. Don’t take my word for it. The large sledding area is called Dead Man’s Hill, but you’ll survive it.

Juniata Golf Course
1391 East Cayuga Street

If you see a golf course in the city, you should know it’s likely an amazing place to sled. Plus: No greens fees! (Insert praising hands emoji!)

Northwest Philadelphia

Tommy’s Hill
Thomas Mansion, 
Lincoln Drive and Wissahickon Avenue

As you build up speed sledding on the hill next to Thomas Mansion, you’ll convince yourself it just goes on forever. What’s great about this long hill is it’s not all that steep. It works for all sledders, no matter how young or risk-averse you are.

Walnut Lane Golf Club
800 Walnut Lane

Walnut Lane is another public golf course with great hills for sledding. Just watch out for the sand traps! Actually, it’s probably safe to slide into them as well.

Carpenter’s Woods
Wissahickon Avenue and North Mount Pleasant Road

Carpenter’s Woods is not just a birding hot spot. It contains one of the more exhilarating sledding hills in the city.

Water Tower Rec Center
Ardleigh Street and East Hartwell Lane

Call this Art Museum Steps Light. The undulating hill at Water Tower is another carnival ride — with snow.

Loudoun Mansion
Germantown Avenue and Apsley Street

When rich Philadelphians built their mansions so long ago, did they know they would all become such great sledding spots? Since they’re no longer alive to tell us, we’re going to go with, “Yes.”

Near Northeast Philadelphia

Burholme Park
Central and Cottman Avenues

If you’re from the Northeast, you know Burholme Park is the place to sled. I think the reason people didn’t want Fox Chase Cancer Center to expand onto the park a few years ago was mainly because they worried about the impact on the sledding hill — and rightfully so.

Austin Meehan Middle School
3001 Ryan Avenue

Located next to Pennypack Park, Austin Meehan Middle School is not only shaped like five interlocking gears — it’s built on top of a giant hill. If things are crowded at Austin Meehan, Lincoln High School next door also has a large field for all of your snow-filled-fun needs.

Deadman’s Hill
Wissinoming Park, 
Frankford Avenue and Comly Street

Yes, this is our second Deadman’s Hill on the list. I’ve decided to call the one in Olney “Dead Man’s Hill” and the one in Wissinoming “Deadman’s Hill” so you can keep them straight.

Far Northeast Philadelphia

John Byrne Golf Course
9550 Leon Street

Just off Grant Avenue in the Northeast, there is a giant hill on the outskirts of the public Byrne Golf Course. This hill gets packed with sledders from the Far Northeast (and even the suburbs) during huge snowfalls, but that only hints at it’s awesome-ness, right?

The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush
11081 Knights Road

The hill behind Benjamin Rush school, adjacent to the track, is steep. Really steep. It’s so steep people fall down it when it’s not even snowing. If you’re going to sled here, we’d advise strapping on a helmet (and padding?) beforehand.

Unnamed Hill
Brandon and Academy Roads

This short, gentle hill on the side of Brandon Road in the Far Northeast is great for little kids. You won’t go that fast, and you won’t go that far — but it’s sledding, so it’s awesome.

Montgomery County

The Willows
490 Darby-Paoli Road, Villanova

A favorite of pretty much every Main Liner I’ve ever talked to, The Willows is another long, wide sloping hill that can hold a seemingly endless amount of sledders.

Valley Forge Park
1400 North Outer Line Drive, King of Prussia

Is there any proof George Washington sledded here while camped out in the winter of 1777-1778? Well, no. But is there any proof he didn’t? There’s no law against telling your kids (or yourself) that you’re recreating the actions of the future first president. Until they start letting you sled off the Liberty Bell, this is easily the most patriotic sledding spot in the area. Maybe the country.

Mill Hill Preservation Area
1704 Pillsbury Road, East Greenville

The Mill Hill Preservation Area has the highest point in Montgomery County. No doubt, then, that it’s a great place to bring your sled.

Abington Art Center
515 Meetinghouse Road, Jenkintown

I’m not sure why art and sledding seem to go hand-in-hand, but they do. And there is a wonderful hill behind Abington Art Center (between the Art Center and Alverthorpe Park).

Suicide Hill
Fort Washington State Park
420 Militia Hill Road, Fort Washington

Two of the most common names for sledding hills are Deadman’s and Suicide. In Fort Washington they went with Suicide. The sledding hill near Lot 5 in the Militia Hill Day Use Area is about 400 feet long.

Green Lane Park
2144 Snyder Road, Green Lane

Go look at the Montco website for Green Lane Park. That’s right: Green Lane Park is a giant, gentle sledding hill.

Delaware County

Ridley Creek State Park
1023 Sycamore Mills Road, Media

It’s not like I need to tell you that state parks are great for sledding, but I will here: Ridley Creek State Park is great for sledding.

Strath Haven High School
205 South Providence Road, Wallingford

Kids line up behind Strath Haven when it snows. It’s so known for winter activities that even the Strath Haven school paper calls it the “sledding hill.”

Clayton Park and Golf Course
1 Conchester Road, Glen Mills

If you’ve read this far, you know the rules: Anything with the words “golf course” attached means you’re in for a darn good sledding hill.

Rose Tree Park
1671 North Providence Road, Media

Rose Tree features a wide hillside that’s perfect for low-key sledding and a few tumbles to boot.

Odorisio Park
418 Fairview Drive, Wayne

Odorisio Park has three hills that surround the baseball field, creating a situation similar to Clark Park in West Philly.

Bucks County

Tyler State Park
101 Swamp Road, Newtown

Tyler State Park is one long hill down to the bottom, and there are slopes allllll over the place. The two best are near the Upper Plantation Picnic Area parking lot, and the slopes west of the covered bridge.

Magill’s Hill
Chapel Road and River Road, Solebury

You know it’s a good hill when it has a name. The steep, wide hills at this five-acre park make for excellent sledding.

Abrams Hebrew Academy
31 West College Avenue, Yardley

There is a great sledding hill right behind the school.

Helen Randle Park
236 Swamp Road, Newtown

Helen Randle Park is across the street from Bucks County Community College, and fills up with kids every snowfall. Pick up enough speed and — maybe, juuuust, maybe —  you’ll cruise down two hills.

The Mercer Museum
84 South Pine Street, Doylestown

Art and sledding go well together, don’t they? While not a particularly steep hill, the Mercer Museum has been a popular spot to sled for years.

Castle Park
425 Wells Road, Doylestown

This is the only sledding spot in the area where you can sled next to a giant wooden playground castle.

Nockamixon State Park
1542 Mountain View Drive, Quakertown

The best sledding spot here is just above the marina. This gorgeous 5,286-acre park also offers a wide variety of winter sports: Cross-country skiing, ice fishing — even ice skating, if the lake is frozen enough.

Chester County

Devil’s Hill
Pocopson Elementary School
1105 Pocopson Road, West Chester

Not to be confused with any of the Deadman’s Hills in the area, Pocopson Elementary’s Devil’s Hill is right in front of the school.

New Garden Township Park
299 Starr Road, Landenberg

Based on what we know from the media, children slide down this hill in wrestling masks. So, it’s a pretty good place.

South Jersey

Ron Jaworski’s Valleybrook Country Club
200 Golfview Drive, Blackwood

According to many sources, the staff at this private country club does not care if you sled on the property. (Wary of blowing up everyone’s spot, I didn’t inquire with the club.) YouTube videos confirm that there are sledders all over the property. Thanks, Jaws!

Chestnut Branch Park
Main and Center Streets, Mantua Township

Chestnut Branch features two wooded areas with rolling hills. And, yes, there are bathrooms.

Fort Mott State Park
454 Fort Mott Road, Pennsville

Fort Mott can get crowded, but the hill at Fort Mott is large enough to accommodate everyone.

Frank Donio Memorial Park
Between Chews Landing and Cross Keys Roads, Sicklerville

Though the directions aren’t that exact, this one is easy to find: It’s behind the ShopRite. And it’s steep! Get here early before all the snow is worn away by sledders.

Belle Mountain
Valley and Pleasant Valley Roads, Lambertville

This is broaching North Jersey, but let’s include it here because it’s worth the trip: Belle Mountain used to be a small ski resort. That means Belle Mountain has some of the best sledding around.

Not seeing your go-to sledding spot on our list? Feel free to shoot us an email with the details!