WATCH: Awesome Light Show Projected Onto City Hall

Over the weekend, local visual design studio Klip Collective projected an awesome light show onto City Hall for the opening of the “Red Bull Art of Can.”

According to a video Red Bull put on YouTube, the projection mapping was screened across all 300 feet of the west-facing facade of City Hall. “Via a custom control board, attendees were able to create audio-visual designs that were then projected directly onto the landmark building in real time,” the description read.

As you’ll see in the video above, the images range from geometric to psychedelic to almost cinematic. The futuristic visuals were especially cool spread across the antique architecture of City Hall. Check out the clip above.

Klip Collective is the same group who did the nighttime light show at Longwood Gardens this summer (you can still see that through October 31st). If you’re interested in how it was made, they explain the process below: