Traffic on the Ben Franklin Bridge

No Toll or Fare Increases on Philly Bridges Next Year

If you commute on the Ben Franklin, the Walt Whitman, the Betsy Ross, or–my personal favorite–the Commodore Perry, you will not have to pay a penny more […]


8 Reasons I’m Happy It’s Not 1963

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, you’re probably aware that tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. Documentaries […]


Nifty Fifty’s Owner Heading to Federal Prison

Monday was a bad day for Robert Mattei. The co-owner of the Nifty Fifty’s restaurants, known for their cheap hamburgers, thick milkshakes, and 1950s decor, […]


3 Things That Might Have Kept Steve Wynn in Philadelphia

Many people were surprised earlier this week when casino-mogul Steve Wynn announced he was backing out of his plans to build a gambling resort in […]


IRS: Tax Season Will Start Late, Still End on April 15

The New York Times reports: “The Internal Revenue Service plans to delay the start of tax-filing season by a week or two because of the […]


Would Private Charity Be More Effective If the Wealthy Were More Charitable?

Conservative critics of government social welfare programs argue that private charity, which Americans engage in on a vast scale, can help those in need better […]


New Map Released of Philadelphia Tax Delinquents

Chris Sawyer, the often acerbic operator of Philadelinquency and high-ranking lieutenant in the war-of-words down in Point Breeze, has published his latest map of delinquent properties in […]


Today’s the Day to Appeal Your Property Taxes

Newsworks reminds us that midnight tonight is the deadline to appeal your new property tax assessments. “Fueled by Philadelphia’s city-wide property re-assessment, as of mid-day […]


Officials Have Great New Idea for Funding Philadelphia Schools: Collect Taxes

CBS Philly reports that City Hall is promising a more-vigorous effort to collect the “school tax,” in light of the district’s ongoing funding woes. “The […]


Delinquent Bars Getting Cited by the City

Mission Grill closed its doors to the public in early August but that hasn’t stopped the City of Philadelphia Department of Revenue from slapping a […]


Chestnut Hill Salon’s Business Tax Nearly Quadruples

After opening the shop, trying to find a replacement for an employee who didn’t show up for work, dealing with customers and sales people, taking […]


The IRS Recognizes Gay Marriage. Why Won’t Governor Corbett?

Here’s a phrase you don’t hear every day: Thank you, IRS! In a landmark ruling last week, the Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Department declared […]


Finally a Reason to Like the I.R.S.: All Gay Marriages Now Recognized

After the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act this summer, it was unclear how gay-married couples living in states that prohibit same-sex […]


Dick Yuengling Reminds Us He’s Still Kind of a Dick

Earlier this year, it came out that Dick Yuengling, brewer of Yuengling, was accused of skimping on his city taxes and defending it. Now, he’s […]


Shore Mayor Taxes Himself Out of Own Home

Egg Harbor Mayor James “Sonny” McCullough says he’s being taxed out of his home by skyrocketing local rates. “It’s more than what I can afford,” said McCullough, whose […]