The Checkup: Whole Foods Employees Spill on How to Save Money

And more healthy reads for your weekend.

The new produce section at Pennsylvania Avenue's new Whole Foods Market | Photo by Adjua Fisher

The new produce section at Pennsylvania Avenue’s new Whole Foods Market | Photo by Adjua Fisher

• I will never tire of learning ways to cut down on my seemingly always astronomical Whole Foods grocery bill (I like overprice kombucha — sue me). If you are constantly looking for ways to stop your receipt from inducing tears, take note of these money-saving tricks and tips from Whole Foods employees. [Thrillist]

• Time to dust off your running shoes: A new million-person study, to be published in Preventive Medicine next month, found that low cardiorespiratory fitness was associated with a 75 percent higher risk of depression. [Science of Us]

• Ruh-roh: You’re using olive oil all wrong. And in some cases, it isn’t doing your health any favors. [Prevention]

• Well, well, well, looks like Philly started a trend: Four more cities passed soda taxes this week. [Grub Street]

• Dear men: If you’re looking to start procreating, a new study says you should stop watching so much TV — it’s hurting your sperm count. [Men’s Health]

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