Wolf: Raise Taxes on Rich to Fund Schools

AP reports that Tom Wolf, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, wants to raise taxes on “high earners” to fund schools across the state.


Philly, You’re No Houston

Why is Houston doing so well? In an interesting Wall Street Journal piece earlier this week, two urban planning experts say that Houston’s “pro-growth policies […]


Judge Slaps Down Nutter Appeal on Lap Dance Tax

A Philadelphia judge today heard an important appeal from the mayor: The Nutter administration was in court today attempting to allow the city to tax […]


Sen. Hughes: State Ed Funding “Unacceptable”

The state’s current plans for funding K-12 education are “unacceptable,” State Sen. Vincent Hughes said Friday in a letter to Philadelphia’s School Reform Commission. The […]


Philadelphia Cigarette Tax Hike Proposal May Be Dead

A higher cigarette tax in Philadelphia, one of lawmakers’ plans to help fund the criminally underfunded Philadelphia public school system, may be dead. Philadelphia politicians […]


Is QVC Keeping Blockbuster Films Out of PA?

TribLive reports that Harrisburg lawmakers are seeking to limit the amount of state TV production credits that West Chester-based QVC can claim in a year […]

PGW sign

Sam Katz Is Right: It’s Time for Philly to Get Creative and Privatize

Sam Katz is right. In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer opinion piece, he urged “creative solutions” to the city’s funding crises. Among his recommendations were the passing of an […]


Mariijuana Will Be Legal in Philadelphia Soon. Why? Money. Lots and Lots of Money.

Philadelphia has always been backwards in legislating criminal justice. Stealing from the city’s fund with the morally corrupt DROP program is okay, but getting caught […]


My Lousy Driving Is Costing You Money

When I drive I sometimes go over the speed limit. When I park in the city I sometimes overstay my time. On occasion I’ve been […]

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Candy Factory Owner: Mayor Nutter Ruins Easter for Philadelphia’s Children

The City of Philadelphia shut down Blasius Chocolate Factory on Wednesday over a tax dispute. The 88-year-old candy company’s owner, Philip Kerwick, says he has […]


5 Fun Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

“Get your billion back, America!” Every time I see that commercial, I wonder how weird it would be if that guy was actually your tax guy. (Yep, […]


Study: Pennsylvania Has 10th-Highest Tax Burden

The nominally nonpartisan and vaguely pro-business Tax Foundation released rankings of each state’s tax burden. And Pennsylvania’s is 10th-heaviest.


Report: Big Companies Aren’t Paying PA Taxes

Ten Fortune 500 companies paid no Pennsylvania taxes at all during a five-year span from 2008-2012, a think tank reported Thursday afternoon. The Pennsylvania Budget […]


Philadelphian Takes Selfies to Prove Local Residency to IRS

There’s a story at Mashable by Brian Koerber today with a fun tale about Andrew Jarvis. Jarvis is an architect at EwingCole who splits his […]


Councilman Proposes Extending Anti-Gentrification Tax Break

NewsWorks reports that Councilman Kenyatta Johnson is proposing to extend the LOOP program, a tax break for longtime owners of houses in areas of Philly […]