The Soda Tax Went Into Effect, and People Are Freaking Out About It

After all the debating and protesting last year, did we forget this was going to happen? NoDerog NoDerog

We knew it was coming.

And yet, maybe predictably so, a social media storm is erupting over Philly’s brand new soda tax, which went into effect two days ago. Images of receipts and promises to drink only water (which, frankly, might not be the worst idea) are clogging Twitter feeds. 

It’s true – maybe we didn’t know how bad it would be. The tax, which will benefit parks, recreation centers, libraries, pre-K and community schools, is applied at the distributor level – meaning it’s unclear exactly how much of it will be passed on to retailers and then to customers. But with distributors long fuming over the levy, you can expect soda companies to do whatever they can to ease their own brunt. Plus, many stores are reportedly adding the full cost of the tax – 1.5 cents per ounce – directly onto the retail price. Other shops are adding a separate line item on receipts, reading “Philly Bev Tax.”

Here’s what people have to say about it, including some complaints:

And some defenses:

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