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boner 4ever building

Say Bye-Bye to the Boner 4Ever Building

If everything falls into place, in a little more than two years, your out-of-town friends might just want to stay in a building best known […]

co-living philadelphia

The Rise of Dorm Life for Adults

Around the turn of the last century, new arrivals in big cities like Philadelphia found shelter and instant community in rooming houses — places where […]


The Beautiful Weirdness of Philly, One House Picture at a Time

John Ricco describes the scene like he was there. “There was some typically narrow Philadelphia block, where everyone’s just hanging out on the street. It’s […]

modular housing construction

Modular Construction Could Be the Key to More Affordable Housing in Philly

Remember how easy it was to stack those alphabet blocks you had as a kid? That’s the basic concept behind modular housing construction, a form […]

phoenixville neighborhood guide

Living in Phoenixville: A Neighborhood Guide

Like the mythical bird that gives the town its name, Phoenixville has risen from the ashes of deindustrialization. For most of its existence, the borough […]

rent instead of buy

Why Affluent Philadelphians Are Choosing to Rent Instead of Buy

The narrative for wealthy Americans has typically gone something like this: Get an apartment when you get your first job; buy your first house — […]

philadelphia real estate market

How to Navigate Philadelphia’s Fast-Moving Real Estate Market

What’s the best way to navigate the region’s fast-moving real estate market? Six pairs of Philly house hunters tell us what they wanted, what they […]

luxury home

House Hunting in Philadelphia: How These High-End Buyers Found the Perfect Estate

Who: Chip Brady, 47, partner at a business development firm; Allison Brady, 48, charitable fund-raising professional. Their target: A large estate home suitable for their […]

co-op housing philadelphia

House Hunting in Philadelphia: How This Retired Couple Found Their Ideal Co-op

Who: Donna Cassidy, 61, retired pediatric nurse; Joe Cassidy, 62, retired General Electric executive. Their target: A place in the city where they can stay […]

philly real estate trends

Has Philly Real Estate Peaked?

It’s been an interesting year, to say the least, for real estate in Greater Philadelphia. Inventories of houses for sale plummeted to record lows almost […]

Philadelphia starter home

House Hunting in Philadelphia: How This Millennial Couple Found an Urban Starter Home of Their Own

Who: Christopher Jayne, 29, education project coordinator; Christopher Barr, 28, graphic designer. Their target: An urban starter home of their own. Their budget: Under $300,000. […]

large house

House Hunting in Philadelphia: How This Family Found a Roomy Home in the City

Who: Bernard Greene, 42, senior director at Comcast; Rita Johnson-Greene, 42, head of commercial operations for a biomedical firm. Their target: A big colonial closer […]

new south philly house

House Hunting in Philadelphia: How This Young Family Landed on Their New South Philly Rowhouse

Who: Jonathan Moody, 35, project consultant; Jennifer Moody, 37, information services applications manager. Their target: A house big enough for a growing family in an […]

custom model home

House Hunting in Philadelphia: How These Suburban Empty Nesters Downsized in Style

Who: Bill Ware, 60, primary-care physician; Jennifer Ware, 57, social worker. Their target: A smaller, lower-maintenance house now that the kids have established themselves. Their […]

real estate apps

Uber for House Hunting and Other Start-ups Changing the Philly Real Estate Game

When real estate investors Steve D’Agostino and Josh Evans lost out on a South Jersey property because they couldn’t get an agent to show up […]