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Wolf Firm, Wagner Wavers on Vetoing Abortion Ban, If Roe Fails

Donald Trump’s pro-life Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, awaits confirmation in Congress, and the viability of Roe v. Wade will soon be on the table. […]


Pennsylvania Sues Trump Over Birth Control Coverage

On behalf of the commonwealth, Attorney General Josh Shapiro has filed a federal lawsuit against President Donald Trump over modifications his administration made to former […]

Be Well Philly

The Epic Reason Philly Runners Will Be Gathering at City Hall This Saturday

It’s a big weekend for Philly runners, folks! There’s the Philly Mayor’s Cup going down throughout the day on Saturday, and then on Saturday afternoon, […]

Be Well Philly

These Women Are Running from Philly to Harrisburg for Planned Parenthood

Ladies, remember the Run 4 All Women, the 250-mile (!!) run four women took from New York to D.C. — cutting through Philly on the […]


Pa. Senate Committee Votes to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

A Pennsylvania Senate Committee has voted in favor of a bill that would cut funding to Planned Parenthood in the state. The Finance Committee, which […]


Pa. House Votes for Abortion Ban After 20 Weeks

The state House approved a fast-tracked bill Tuesday that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The bill, which now heads to the Senate, passed […]


Bridging a Generation Gap on Abortion Rights

If you want to get Joan Heider going, bring up H.B. 1948, the oh-so-appropriately numbered anti-abortion bill that’s gliding through the state legislature like a […]


Is Pa. House Rushing to Pass a Controversial Abortion Bill?

A controversial bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks is on the schedule for Wednesday’s house session, according to Steve Miskin, spokesman for Pennsylvania […]

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LGBT Folks Should Stand With Planned Parenthood

I live close enough to the Planned Parenthood location at 12th and Locust here in Philly to have seen one too many protests outside of […]


Here’s the Problem With That Popular Planned Parenthood Defense

When attacked, it’s a natural instinct to defend oneself as quickly and succinctly as possible, to shoot down bold lies with hard facts before they […]


The Problem With Charlie Dent’s Planned Parenthood Compromise

On the surface, Pennsylvania Congressman Charlie Dent has a great idea for ending the coming storm over Planned Parenthood’s federal funding: He wants to compromise. Planned […]


Catholic Org: Pope Visit Being Organized by Pro-Choice Politicians

A key leader for the World Meeting of Families has come under attack from a conservative Catholic “investigative group” that says he donated campaign funds […]


Report: Planned Parenthood Isn’t Harvesting Fetal Tissue in Pa.

Planned Parenthood clinics in Pennsylvania do not participate in the controversial practice of fetal tissue donation, the state’s top health officer says. “Although donation of […]


Planned Parenthood Targets Toomey

Planned Parenthood is running an ad attacking Sen. Pat Toomey, suggesting his vote to defund the organization could be the first step toward a costly government shutdown. […]


Toomey, Casey on Opposite Sides of Planned Parenthood Debate

In recent weeks, a pro-life group has released several videotapes purporting to show Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price their organization will be paid […]