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Here’s What 4 Super-Common Prescription Drugs Cost at Different Philly Pharmacies

We were shocked at the discrepancies we found when we asked some random local pharmacies how much four often-prescribed drugs cost for a one-month supply […]


Teva to Cut 7,000 Jobs After Disappointing Quarter Results

Teva Pharmaceutical has announced dramatic plans to downsize following a grim second quarter earnings report released on Thursday. The Israel-based company, which operates its North […]


Teva Loses Patent Case for Top-Selling Drug

Teva is the world’s largest generic drugmaker, so when its stocks went plummeting on Tuesday, investors weren’t happy. Its stock tumbled as much as six […]


784 Layoffs at Embroiled Mail-Order Pharmacy

After multiple reports that mail-order pharmacy Philidor Rx Services used questionable tactics to get insurance companies to pay for the drugs it dispensed, the company is […]


These 10 Philly Docs Received $12.8 Million from Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Companies Last Year

Update: This post has been clarified to more accurately characterize the nature of some of the payments these doctors receive. The payment totals listed are from device makers […]


Pharma Co. to Pay $1.2B For Allegedly Blocking Competition

A local pharmaceutical company charged with paying generic drug manufacturers to delay the release of competing medications has agreed to a $1.2 billion settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. […]


BizFeed: Pharma Execs Wildly Overpaid

1. Pharma Compensation Reigns Supreme The News: Pharmaceutical executives make more money than any other slice of the health care sector, according to data compiled by […]


Israeli Company With Montco HQ in $40B Bid to Become Largest Generic Drug Maker

Teva Pharmaceuticals has offered to acquire Mylan N.V. for $82 per share — or approximately $40 billion. Teva is an Israeli company that employs 2,000 […]