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Andy Backstrom


The Next Time You Apply For a Job, Expect a Text From the Hiring Manager

Since email is no longer cutting it and phone calls just won’t do, get ready for autocorrect to make a name for itself in the job recruitment process.

NextHealth PHL

How Pharma Companies Can Fix Their Reputation Problem

The industry’s integrity is compromised with each new crisis. Two experts explain how these companies can turn the situation around.


Meet the Philly Dad Whose Startup Is Shaking Up the Stroller Industry

Colugo has been dubbed “the Warby Parker of strollers” for its direct-to-consumer business model.

2020 democratic debates
City Life

Philly Watch Parties for the Second 2020 Democratic Debates

Tensions are sure to rise in round two, and you don’t want to be screaming at your TV screen alone.


It Is Time to Talk to Your Boss About the Sunday Scaries

Work-related stress is creeping into the weekend, making Sunday the new Monday, and Philadelphians are feeling it.


The Necktie Might Finally Be Dead

A politician’s recent decision to go tieless has reignited the debate. Five Philly executives weigh in and offer tips for navigating necktie etiquette in the workplace.


Philly Workers Are Basically in Denial About Robots Replacing Them

A new study examined local attitudes about automation and artificial intelligence in the workplace.

Be Well Philly

5 Philly-Area Fitness Studios for Treadmill Classes

Find your stride with these treadmill classes.

fun runs
Be Well Philly

9 Philly-Area Fun Runs That’ll Motivate You to Break a Sweat This Summer