Mummers Parade

Philadelphia Wedding

Please Enjoy This Adorable Mummers Parade Proposal

To say that the Mummers Parade is a big deal here in Philadelphia would be a serious understatement. For long-time Mummers fan Deirdre Cosgrove, the […]


Isn’t It Time to Permanently Change the Date of the Mummers Parade?

If you haven’t seen the Mummers Parade, you’re truly missing a special experience. This is an event where normal, everyday people with seemingly no talent […]


The So, So Cold 2018 Mummers Parade

In a twist on the old hopeful adage, we’ve been hearing the phrase “New Year, Same Me” uttered a lot lately to describe the spirit […]


Mummers Voted Top Holiday Parade in the Country

Beating out festive juggernauts like the Reston, Virginia, Holiday Parade and an illuminated boat show sponsored by a Florida casino, Philadelphia’s famed (and often controversial) […]

Canoe on Market Street

Hey, Who Left This Canoe on Market Street?

It’s now January 3rd, and the holidays are behind us. The city, empty yesterday, has now returned to its usual hustle and bustle. January 1st […]


Want to Solve the Mummers’ Diversity Problem? Just Call It “The White Heritage Parade”

It’s a new year, and the older I get, the more I have begun to realize that some stuff won’t change because it really doesn’t […]


Five Ways to Help the Mummers Not Suck

During the televised broadcast of this year’s Mummers Parade, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said that he wants the parade to go from the “regional attraction” […]


Meet the Woman Inside the Giant Poop at the Mummers Parade

We had the Mummers Parade on all day at my house on Sunday, from the lousy acts at the beginning all the way through the […]


Mummers String Band Launches GoFundMe for New Home

It’s been years since the Overbrook String Band has had a permanent home, but the historic Mummers group is trying to change that with a […]

Finnegans New Years Brigade 2016

How to Deal With the Mummers: 4 Steps Inspired by Your Racist Aunt on Facebook

If you believe the Mummers, things will be different next year. In a press release issued Sunday, parade organizers condemned this year’s antics — including […]


Insider: Kenney Can Reform the Mummers — Legally

(Editor’s Note: This is an opinion column from a Citified insider.) The Mummers Parade was a national disgrace. Again. Can’t we just ban them, or, at […]

Finnegans New Years Brigade 2016

Mummers: We Promise to Clean Up Our Acts Next Year

The Mummers say things are going to change. Several skits sparked outrage at the Mummers Parade this year. This has happened before, and pretty much […]


People Are Angry at the 2016 Mummers Parade

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: The Mummers Parade was really offensive this year. Well, okay, don’t stop me. But here’s the deal: This […]


Diversifying New Year’s Day: Inside Philadelphia’s First Puerto Rican Mummers Troupe

Sixteen-year-old Niurka Mojica stands in the center of the circle, a mass of blondish curls piled into a bun and accented with a red flower. […]