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Tell Us All About Your Marriage! (Yes, We’re Serious.)

Calling all married couples! We’re working on a piece for an upcoming issue that’s all about marriage: an honest, unflinching look at what the institution […]

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No Luck on Tinder? “Married at First Sight” is Casting in Philly

Reality television is one of life’s best guilty pleasures, mostly because there’s very little that’s actually “real” about it. Like the idea of finding true, […]

Philadelphia Wedding

8 Philadelphia-Area Wedding Officiants Ready to Lead Your Non-Denominational Ceremony

We’ve gone on and on about how every aspect of your wedding — from the invitations to the Dress — should be a reflection of you and your to-be, and […]


Sleeping With the Enemy: When Your Wife Is a Patriots Fan

A secret wife and kids. A gambling problem. A sudden desire to turn your basement into an S&M dungeon. These are all things that a […]


This Philly Woman Is Making Documentary About India’s “Marriage Cops”

When you and your spouse have a big problem that you can’t resolve, you might go to a marriage counselor or just get divorced. But […]


Pope Francis Makes It Easier to Annul Catholic Marriages

Pope Francis today announced plans to reform the way Catholics can end their marriages, a sweeping change that streamlines the annulment process and makes it […]


There’s Good Cheating and Bad Cheating — Here’s How to Tell the Difference

There’s been a lot of gleeful moralizing surrounding the Ashley Madison hack. I assume those who are gloating have never cheated on a lover, never […]


Thousands of Philadelphians Could Have Online Affairs Exposed

Hackers have broken into the database of cheating website and are threatening to publicly release information about the site’s users — an act that […]


Picking the Right Husband for Your Career

In the modern age, finding someone with whom we can share the rest of our lives is about so much more than butterflies and the […]


On Marriage, Part II: Ali Velshi and Lori Wachs

ALI [Al Jazeera America host]: We’ve been married five years. We met on my show. LORI [president, cross ledge investments]: It was my first time […]


On Marriage, Part I: Ralph and Suzanne Roberts

SUZANNE: We’ve been married for 72 years. You need a wonderful love — and a super sex life. But when you get up in your […]

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The Checkup: Why Your Weight Fluctuates and What It Actually Means

• There’s an enlightening read over on Greatist this week that delves deep, deep into everything that contributes to the number on the scale—and how […]


WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tamika Sherman & Griselle Morales

On Nov. 3, Tamika Sherman & Griselle Morales were joined in marriage at the Talamore Country Club in Ambler, Pa. The wedding officiant, Colleen McDermott of Marry […]

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Au Contraire, Marriage is For You

First thing’s first: I’m sure that Seth Adam Smith is a really, really nice guy. If you’ve seen the pictures on his website and read […]


Wharton Researcher Says Young People Uninterested in Parenthood

Wharton prof Stewart Friedman has a new book out, Baby Bust, New Choices for Men and Women in Work and Family, in which he examines how fewer young […]