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The 30 Most Romantic Date Ideas Around Philadelphia

Okay, so call us predictable for offering up a compendium of great dates on Valentine’s Day. Call us sentimental, or cheesy, or simple sheeple for caving into […]

Philadelphia Wedding

No Luck on Tinder? “Married at First Sight” is Casting in Philly

Reality television is one of life’s best guilty pleasures, mostly because there’s very little that’s actually “real” about it. Like the idea of finding true, […]

Be Well Philly

How to Use Positive Psychology to Get Past Your Partner’s Annoying Quirks

No matter how Hollywood may paint it, falling in love is actually the easy part — it’s staying in love that’s the real trick. And […]


PHOTOS: Four LGBTQ Couples on How They Fell in Love

Couple: Anthony and Jason Henderson-Strong Status: Happily married. “We’ve been together for 10 and a half years. We’re both born and raised in the Philadelphia […]


ADVICE: 5 Ways to Avoid Awkward Ex Encounters

We’ve all been there. You’re out at one of these fabulous events in the Gayborhood and you spot your ex. “It was bound to happen […]


Uh-Oh! Cheating Online Isn’t Safe Anymore

“I mean isn’t that why we are here, to be as discreet as possible?” Those enticing words probably sound a little different today to the […]


Thousands of Philadelphians Could Have Online Affairs Exposed

Hackers have broken into the database of cheating website and are threatening to publicly release information about the site’s users — an act that […]


Philly Love Stories in Coffee and Food

The February, 2015 issue of Philadelphia magazine is all about Love in Philly. As part of the issue, we recorded five interviews of people talking about their relationships. […]


“LOVE” Artist to Be Honored in Worldwide Exhibit

Robert Indiana, the Maine-based pop artist who designed the “LOVE” sculpture that’s made our John F. Kennedy Plaza so famous, is being honored in a worldwide […]


A Former Valentine’s Day Snob Recants

I always hated Valentine’s Day and thought it was stupid. For eight-plus years, until the spring-ish of 2013, I was in a committed relationship, living […]


Do We Really Want to Date Our Clone?

You’ve heard the old adage – the longer you date someone, the more you end up looking alike. Well, one new dating website really does […]


Top 10 Sugar Daddy Cities has released the top 10 cities to find gay sugar daddies and babies with New York, Chicago and Los Angeles topping the lists.


Looking for a Date?

If you’ve given up on meeting women at the bars and you’re not exactly a Craigslist “Missed Connection,” is where the girls are. The dating […]


WATCH: Love is Love

A new video called Love is Love tells the story of a marriage, while advocating for marriage equality in the U.S. and around the world.


WATCH: Jack & Diane

The new film Jack & Diane tells the story of teenage lesbian werewolves starring Kylie Minogue and Riley Keough.