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Life & Style

These Women Entrepreneurs Are Redefining Plus-Size Shopping in Philly

The purpose of my trip to Target wasn’t to buy clothes — it never is. But I took a lap through the clothing section anyway, […]


How Ardmore Got Its Mojo Back

A lively town center Ardmore had the first walkable downtown in the Philly suburbs; a tavern/hotel served as a community hub in 1796, and the […]

philadelphia boutiques shopping beauty
Life & Style

3 New Boutiques to Shop — Plus the Latest Philly Shopping and Beauty News

Enterprising local fashionistas are no longer taking the risk of opening brick-and-mortar shops; they’re heading online instead. 1. Americae Gabriela Guaracao, a Villanova grad born […]

City Life

Being Rich in Philly Sure Doesn’t Look Like It Used To

“Let me tell you about the very rich,” F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote in his short story The Rich Boy. “They are different from you […]

City Life

Remember When College Was Fun?

Cami Potter first spotted a professional party pooper in September. She’d just finished another excruciatingly long week at the University of Pennsylvania. The 21-year-old senior, […]


The 13 Most Stylish Philly Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Immediately

Instagram isn’t just a social media platform; it’s a way of life. Millions of people post millions of photos on the ’Gram everyday, in the hopes […]


Field Guide: 8 Ways to Declutter and Detox Your Life

  Forget surface-level spring cleaning. To really start the season out on the right foot, it’s time to consider everything else in your life that might […]


5 Laundry Mistakes You’re Definitely Making

Laundry: the bane of everyone’s existence. The endless dirty-clean-dirty cycle isn’t the only reason for most peoples’ intense dislike; it’s nearly impossible to keep all the rules straight. […]


Cue Confusion: Diane Von Furstenberg is Collaborating With Google Glass for a Special Edition Pair of Lenses

You may remember Diane von Furstenberg’s first foray with Google Glass when, in September 2013, models sashayed down the runway  in the slightly less obtrusive eyeglass […]


The 9 Travel Essentials You Need Before Your Next Vacation

There are miniatures of your favorite beauty products and then there are travel essentials. Sure, there’s some overlap but it warrants differentiation; You don’t necessarily need […]


Day in The Life: Lisa Cheley Espinoza

Each month, we get one incredibly stylish, interesting and in-the-know Philadelphian to dish on his or her favorite, can’t-live-without things. This month, we caught up with […]


5 Tricks for Beating Static Cling

Forget slush and slippery ice. The worst part of winter is the static. Hair standing up on end, shocks each time you touch a stupid […]

Chanel Book

This 600-Page Chanel Book Has Absolutely No Ink In It

When Chanel commissions you to make a book, you don’t just print words on a page. After all, this is the fashion house of Karl, […]

City Life

Here’s How You Can Spend $198,172 on the Phillies Today

Since you have so much disposable income to throw around, here are ten ways to spend it on eBay while showing your love for America’s […]

City Life

Paul Ryan’s “Clothing Is Horrific”

With Barack Obama and Mitt Romney so close in the polls (well, some of the polls, anyway) anything they say or do could push the […]