Cue Confusion: Diane Von Furstenberg is Collaborating With Google Glass for a Special Edition Pair of Lenses

They bear an uncanny resemblance to lab goggles, too.

Image via Jezebel.

Image via Jezebel.

You may remember Diane von Furstenberg’s first foray with Google Glass when, in September 2013, models sashayed down the runway  in the slightly less obtrusive eyeglass versions. It came with a hashtag—#DVFthroughGlass—and prompted New York Daily News to say: “The skinny frames gave off a hint of Star Trek style.” Well, now DVF is giving it another go with an upcoming collaboration with Net-a-Porter set to debut next week. And this is one instance of tech-meets-fashion that I really can’t get behind.

I should preface by noting that the vast majority of the time, I love to see technology influencing fashion. (It’s how we got neoprene and Spanx, after all.) It’s just that these sunglasses look like multi-colored lab goggles. And why would anyone want to wear multi-colored lab goggles? With or without a miniature computer built in? Of course there’s the controversy surrounding the Glass in the first place. Namely, many people outside of Silicon Valley find the whole “ability-to-videotape-you-without-notice” thing creepy. Which, ya know, I’m inclined to agree with. There are obvious benefits to using the Glass (i.e. surgery), but those benefits don’t require the high-fashion input from a major designer, just like we don’t need Prada stethoscopes.

Will people buy them? Of course. They possess the super-exclusivity that a collaboration between DVF, Google and Net-a-Porter would be expected to have. They’re set to debut on June 23, but we have to hope that this trend remains just that—a fleeting trend.