This 600-Page Chanel Book Has Absolutely No Ink In It

The hauntingly beautiful work of Amsterdam book designer Irma Boom.

When Chanel commissions you to make a book, you don’t just print words on a page. After all, this is the fashion house of Karl, a man who has two maids and a driver for his cat, Choupette, whose house looks like this, who is equal parts crazy and brilliant. So Amsterdam-based book designer Irma Boom had her work cut out for her. And did she ever deliver.

Each of the book’s 600 pages are embossed by an old letterpress machine with the ink removed. According to Wired, Chanel gave her free reign to do whatever she wanted:

The fashion brand simply provided her with as much information as possible and let it percolate until the idea struck her. In this case, Boom spent time in Chanel’s Paris apartment and studied her life. She witnessed the bottling process and even joined the Chanel team as they picked roses in Grasse, a village in the Provence region of France. “When I was there I immediately got the idea for the book,” Boom recalls. “What I smelled there was so intense, exciting… not visible.”

Shockingly, you can buy the paperback French version of the book on Amazon (Amazon!) for $183.91. But you’ll want to hurry: Only 1,000 numbered copies of are being made. You’ll also want to watch the video of the making of the book here.