Field Guide: 8 Ways to Declutter and Detox Your Life

From your diet to your closet – and everything in between.



Inspired yet? | Photo via IKEA.

Forget surface-level spring cleaning. To really start the season out on the right foot, it’s time to consider everything else in your life that might need detoxing (your greasy winter diet and maxed-out budget, perhaps?).

To help you detox, declutter and decompress, we’ve sleuthed out eight easy tips, tricks, pros to know and places to visit to purify, purge, and banish toxins for good. Welcome to spring. 

Clean Up Your Diet: The Juice
Owner Katie Rodger’s smoothie-like blends pack all the vitamins of traditional juices along with much-needed plant fiber for satiation. Cleanses are completely customizable based on dietary restrictions and activity level, so you won’t feel starved or sluggish. Starting at $10; pickup at multiple locations. 

Clean Up Your Finances: Plumtree Financial Planning, Malvern
Beth D’Andrea will swoop in, probe your monthly expenses—Sirius! Spotify! That weird snack-delivery service!—and nix the nonessentials. You’ll learn how to consolidate your accounts, automate savings, and establish goals with achievable timelines. Then she’ll send you off with a comprehensive plan so you can implement the lessons, say, when you get that next promotion.

Clear Out Your Mind: Penn Program for Mindfulness, University City
Using tried-and-true meditation techniques, this eight-week stress-management program ($569) helps reduce anxiety, boost mood and decrease fatigue. Its academic roots—the program is facilitated by M.D.’s—make it feel more peaceful therapy, less crunchy drum circle. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move on to more advanced practices, like a half-day intensive silent retreat.

Clean Up Your Home: New Leaf Cleaning Co., Fishtown
For a top-to-bottom scrub-down sans toxic chemicals, enlist New Leaf Cleaning Co., an army of green housecleaners who use only all-natural products. If spring allergies still persist, it might be more than just dust and pollen bugging you. Consider calling the pros at Mold Solutions & Inspections, who’ll sample the air in your home and thoroughly inspect for mold. (Mold allergies often present similarly to spring allergies.) And if it turns out you do have a mold problem, MSI can remedy that.

Clear Out Bad Habits: Center City Hypnosis, Midtown Village
Vices meet their match in the hands of hypnotist Steve Roh. With a script-free approach and a refreshing dose of transparency (he admits hypnosis isn’t for everyone), Roh helps clients tackle all sorts of bad behavior, from nail biting to smoking, in 60-to-90-minute sessions. Starting at $160.

Clean Up Your Medicine Cabinet: Rikumo, Rittenhouse
Charcoal has long been touted for its toxin-zapping abilities. Now, Japanese import shop Rikumo is harnessing the power of the porous, magnet-like material in a bevy of beauty products, including shaving cream, toothbrushes and facial soaps. Or head to Queen Village’s Soap Box, which stocks organic, eco-friendly household cleaners and soaps. // 1216 Walnut Street, Midtown Millage; 616 South 6th Street, Bella Vista.