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Fitler Square

house for sale fitler square luxury townhouse exterior corner perspective

On the Market: XXL Luxury Townhouse in Fitler Square

Extrava … gant? Extrava … ganza? Either one of these terms could be used to describe the four-unit gated townhouse community now nearing completion just […]

house for sale fitler square new construction

On the Market: New Construction Townhouse in Fitler Square

One of the big challenges builders of luxury housing face in the city is providing outdoor space. It’s difficult at best to put more than […]

house for sale fitler square traditional contemporary exterior front

On the Market: Contemporary Traditional Rowhouse in Fitler Square

As those of you who pore over real estate listings know, the year 1920 often appears as a placeholder construction date for houses probably built […]


Extrava-gant Townhouses Coming to Fitler Square

If you follow Philadelphia real estate, you’ve probably noticed that a slew of real estate brokers have gotten into the business of creating their own […]

house for sale fitler square converted stable exterior front

On the Market: Convertible Stable in Fitler Square

Have you been looking for a space to turn into the home of your dreams? Here it is: this Fitler Square converted stable house for […]

house for sale fitler square midcentury modern townhouse front entrance

Just Listed: Midcentury Modern Townhouse in Fitler Square

The Rittenhouse-Fitler Historic District is one of the oldest of Philadelphia’s city-designated historic districts. Specifically, it was the third one to be established, in 1995. […]

house for sale fitler square double trinity exterior front

Just Listed: Double Trinity in Fitler Square

The trinity, I’ve maintained in the past, is “the original tiny house.” But it turns out that it’s quite possible to make a trinity not-tiny. […]


Where You Should Be Eating in Fitler Square

Is Fitler Square the sweetest neighborhood in the city? It’s definitely possible. This little pocket of the city (which extends from Locust Street down to […]

house for sale filter square extended trinity

Just Listed: Three-Bedroom Extended Trinity in Fitler Square

The Question of the Day concerning this Fitler Square extended trinity house for sale: Is it really a trinity? The short case for a “No” […]

condo for sale filter square traditional exterior front

On the Market: Traditional Condo in a Fitler Square Mansion

From river to river, Center City’s residential neighborhoods are filled with grand mansions and townhouses built for the well-to-do in the 19th and early 20th […]

house for sale Frank Furness filter square mansion aerial view

Just Listed: Subdivided Frank Furness-Designed Mansion in Fitler Square

Want to live in a gorgeous Frank Furness-designed house, but don’t want to live in this one in Fishtown? The good news: You now have […]

house for sale filter square trinity living room

Just Listed: Alley Trinity in Fitler Square

I’ll bet you didn’t know that there were any trinities this far west in Center City. I sure didn’t. Yet here it is: a too-cute […]


Could This Place Be Philly’s Next Pizza Obsession?

There’s a part of me that’s not exactly excited to share with you that there’s a new pizza place opening in Philly. This city’s obsessive […]

house for sale rittenhouse duplex unit 1 main floor

On the Market: Duplex Townhouse in Rittenhouse

How do you take a standard four-story Rittenhouse Square townhouse, split it into two apartments, and still have each apartment feel spacious and airy? The […]

cotoletta fitler square brunch

Eat Chicken Cutlets for Breakfast at Cotoletta’s New Brunch

There’s nothing quite like a crispy, juicy, saucy cutlet — whether chicken, veal, or eggplant. And now, cutlet specialist Cotoletta Fitler Square is serving them […]