Building Collapse: L&I Inspector Made Video Before Committing Suicide

Before he killed himself, L&I inspector Ronald Wagenhoffer made a video for his family on his camera phone, saying, of the building collapse, “It was my fault. I should have looked at those guys working, and I didn’t.”

NBC 10 broke the story of the phone message:

In the video, Wagenhoffer says he couldn’t sleep and blamed himself for the building collapse at 2136 Market Streets that killed six and injured 13 when the building collapsed onto a store on June 5.

He admitted he never truly inspected an adjacent work site after a citizen complained about safety concerns, although he reported there were no violations found.

“When I saw it was too late. I should have parked my truck and went over there but I didn’t. I’m sorry,” Wagenhoffer said in the message.

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