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building collapse

City Life

2013 Collapse Victim Who Suffered “Guillotine Amputation” Awarded $95.6 Million

A woman who lost the lower half of her body in the 2013 Center City building collapse that left seven dead and a dozen injured has […]


Partial Building Collapse Near Temple University, No Injuries Reported

#UPDATE: Chopper 3 over the scene of a building collapse in North Philadelphia: http://t.co/gHzGAu88TM pic.twitter.com/4KTnz59SyA — CBS Philly (@CBSPhilly) April 28, 2015 It was a […]


Chihuahua Presumed Dead in House Collapse Found Alive Three Days Later

Here’s some good news to start off your day. Bruno, the Chihuahua that was presumed dead after the horrific house collapse in Kensington on Saturday, […]


Recent Freeze-Thaw Cycle, Heavy Rain Major Threat to Philly’s Older Buildings

Kensington “pancake” building collapse. One man injured. “We call him Gringo,” neighbor says. Chihuahua missing … pic.twitter.com/jH1eOTRU2G — William Bender (@wbender99) March 15, 2015 Six […]

West Philly Building Collapse

Why Building Collapses Might Be More Likely in Winter

Rooftop view of @lululemon damage. Witness heard large crash RT @ErikaLynnes: #lululemon #roofcollapse #philly @6abc pic.twitter.com/jHhs2wvJUp — Matt Simansky (@ActionNewsMatt) January 27, 2015 Last month’s […]


Lot Next to Future Market Street Collapse Memorial Could Become Parking Lot

The southeast corner of 22nd and Market was forever changed in June 2013 after a building collapsed onto the roof of the one-story Salvation Army […]


Morning Headlines: June 2013 Building Collapse Judge Permits Attorneys to Speak with Reporters (Sort Of)

Common Pleas Court Judge Glenn B. Bronson who is in charge of the June 2013 building collapse case has switched to using the trial publicity guidelines set by […]

building collapse

22nd and Market Memorial Park Names Artist

The most recent Center City Residents Association Newsletter has an update on the memorial park proposed for 22nd and Market, the site of the June […]


Contractor: Building Owner Was on Site at Time of Collapse

The owner of the former Hoagie City building at 22nd and Market was on site when it collapsed last year onto an adjacent Salvation Army […]


Morning Headlines: Nutter and Clarke Propose Opposing Plans For Department of Licenses and Inspections

Since the June 2013 building collapse (and an unknown number of other crumbling properties), the Department of Licenses and Inspections has been under particular scrutiny. Excuses […]


Morning Headlines: Roof Collapses At For Pete’s Sake Pub Building

Nobody was hurt, but that was a close one! The building that houses For Pete’s Sake Pub in Queen Village partially collapsed yesterday around 3:30pm. […]


Should the Building Collapse Site Become a Memorial Park?

Let me come right out and say it: I think the memorial park planned for the site of last year’s building collapse at 22nd and […]


Morning Headlines: Butkovitz at Odds with L&I Over Demolition Safety

City Controller Alan Butkovitz released an audit of L&I’s demolition procedures, and the results weren’t pretty. Neither was Commissioner Carlton Williams’ response to the report, […]

strawberry mansion rowhome

L&I Says Rowhome Collapse That Caused Injuries “Is Not a Big Deal”

Around 10:40 this morning, a large chunk of an imminently dangerous building on West Diamond Street fell on top of two workers for Gama Wrecking. […]


Was Shirt Corner’s Collapse Planned?

The building known as Shirt Corner at Third and Market is gone, having collapsed entirely today. Its dissolution isn’t a surprise as L&I ordered it […]