Chihuahua Presumed Dead in House Collapse Found Alive Three Days Later

Bruno survived the horrific collapse. Owner Eric Carol could be paralyzed due to injuries.

Snuggling with Bruno | Photo: Jen Leary

Snuggling with Bruno | Photo: Jen Leary

Here’s some good news to start off your day. Bruno, the Chihuahua that was presumed dead after the horrific house collapse in Kensington on Saturday, has been found alive under the rubble. NBC10 reports the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team found two of homeowner Eric Carol’s pets, another dog named Paws and a cat, but Bruno couldn’t be found after a two-hour search. The pup emerged out of the debris on Monday–three days after the collapse– when Carol’s father called for him.

Carol survived the event and is scheduled to undergo surgery on his broken back today. NBC10 reports his brother-in-law said Carol “has a 50 percent chance at being left paralyzed.”

UPDATE (9:45 a.m.): Jen Leary, founder of Red Paw Emergency Relief Team, tells us that Bruno “was settled in with his family.” Kit, the cat, was going to PAWS and off to foster care until the owner gets out of the hospital. Carol’s other dog, Paws, is in the emergency kennel at Saved Me. “We are still looking for a foster for him,” said Leary in an email. “The plan is to reunite him with his owner once he is out of the hospital and finishes rehab for his back.”