Morning Headlines: Nutter and Clarke Propose Opposing Plans For Department of Licenses and Inspections

Whose plan do you like?

Photo by Bradley Maule from  June 5, 2013 collapse at 22nd and Market.

Photo by Bradley Maule from June 5, 2013 collapse at 22nd and Market.

Since the June 2013 building collapse (and an unknown number of other crumbling properties), the Department of Licenses and Inspections has been under particular scrutiny. Excuses ranging from a dearth in funds to simply having its hands tied have been heard time and again, which may be why the department will soon get an overhaul.

CBS Philly’s Mike Dunn reports Mayor Nutter and Council President Darrell Clarke will be presenting their respective proposals for restructuring L&I today, but appear to be going in opposite directions for how to go about it:

Mayor Nutter is expected to release the recommendations of a task force he created after the Market Street tragedy. The chief recommendation will be a restructuring of the city administration, so that the Department of Licenses and Inspections is split in two.

One new department would oversee all demolition and construction in the city. The other would handle L&I’s other functions like permitting.

Meanwhile, Clarke has a different idea…

Not coincidentally, Council President Darrell Clarke is laying out his own plan to reshape government by going in the other direction. He wants a single new cabinet level “Department of Planning and Development.” It would take over all of L&I functions but also those of the Planning and Historical Commissions, the Office of Housing and Community Development and the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Clarke’s plan would involve the new department managing “licenses, inspections, enforcement, planning and zoning”.

Maybe both parties will agree to compromise?

Nutter, Clarke To Unveil Dueling Plans For L&I [CBS Philly]

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