Recent Freeze-Thaw Cycle, Heavy Rain Major Threat to Philly’s Older Buildings

Three more buildings collapsed in some fashion over the weekend.

Six buildings have collapsed in some way, shape or form over the past week or so. Yo-yoing temps on the thermometer this time of year tend to wreak havoc on many of Philly’s older buildings. William Bender of the Daily News reports a house in Kensington “completely collapsed” on Saturday, injuring one man. Sadly, one of his dogs, a Chihuahua, is missing and is presumed to have died in the collapse.

While the great thaw is wonderful for everyone looking for respite from a harsh winter, it is bad news for aging buildings that haven’t been maintained or sit vacant. From the Daily News

Licenses and Inspections Commissioner Carlton Williams said that the freeze-thaw cycle and heavy rain can do a number on older buildings, some of which have already been deemed unsafe.

In late January, three people were injured when debris from a neighboring roof crashed through the roof of the Lululemon store on the 1500 block of Walnut Street. On Saturday, officials gave the families and loved ones of those killed during the Market Street building collapse in July 2013 a preview of the memorial to be built on site in the coming months.

Three buildings collapsed on Saturday, weekly tally at 6 [Daily News]