A First Date in Florida, a Move to Philly and a Proposal in Rittenhouse Square

The couple relocated in the middle of winter and during the pandemic, but were “ecstatic” to take this step together.

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Molly Fullam and Brian Kronowitz at their Rittenhouse Square proposal / Photography by Sweetpeashots Photography

When you find that special someone, it’s easy to take a leap of faith. This couple is a prime example. When a promotion led to a relocation from Florida, they packed up their car and drove up to Philly. It helped that they both loved this city — and wanted to start their lives together here. That big move led to a Rittenhouse Square proposal that encapsulated some of their favorite parts of the neighborhood. Sweetpeashots Photography snapped all the sentimental moments below.

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The couple: Molly Fullam, 31, and Brian Kronowitz, 29, of Old City

How they met: A connection on Bumble in 2019 led to the couple’s first date a few weeks later at a bar in West Palm Beach, where they were both living at the time. “It totally took me pursuing Brian a little, which, looking back, I think we both loved,” says Molly. It had been a busy week for her — she had just started a new job, and her mom was scheduled for lung surgery — but she says she relaxed the moment they met in person.

They talked for hours, and one of the topics was about relocating to the Northeast. Brian is from Brooklyn, and she was born and raised in Florida, with most of her family in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. They got on the topic of Philly, sharing stories, favorite meals and places. Brian even asked Molly her timeline for moving. “It equal parts exhilarated me and terrified me,” she says. “But I remember thinking in that moment, I’d move anywhere with him.”


The move: A year and a half later, Brian was promoted and offered a relocation to Philly, so he jumped on it. Molly quit her job and sold her car. “We drove up in January 2021, just Brian, Barney (our perfect dog) and I, moving in the middle of winter, in the middle of a pandemic, very early in our relationship — but ecstatic to be taking this leap together,” says Molly.

The proposal plans: The couple dated for three and a half years before Brian popped the question on November 11, 2022. He picked the date for many special reasons. Among them: Molly’s mother, whom Brian calls “the biggest Eagles fan I know,” would be in town for the November 14th game. (Molly had surprised her with tickets, and she was flying up from Florida.) Their best friends would also come up for the weekend. He chose Rittenhouse Square because some of their favorite shared experiences had happened there — seeing an impromptu Snacktime dance party when they visited in October 2020 to go apartment-hunting, Molly’s 30th birthday dinner at Parc, cocktails at Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company.


Brian had hoped to have Marshall James Kavanaugh of @dreampoetforhire on site to type a poem about their relationship (the couple often saw him in the park), but he was booked. So Brian asked him to type one up and send it in advance. It arrived just in time.

The big moment: While Molly had her suspicions, she was also completely surprised by how Brian pulled it off. He suggested they take a walk through Rittenhouse Square before their dinner plans, then handed her a card bearing the poem. She was halfway through reading it quietly, to herself, when Brian asked that she read it aloud. “The last line said, ‘Will you marry me?’ and as soon as I read it I lost my breath.” When she looked up, he was down on one knee — and she burst into tears.


The rainy twist: It was supposed to be a terribly stormy day, and Brian and their photographer were concerned — the groom-to-be even bought new clear umbrellas. But it ended up being a light drizzle. And, in fact, Molly loves rainy, gloomy days. “It was the most romantic weather I could have ever dreamed up.”

Brian’s reaction: “I had butterflies but no nerves because I had envisioned this day ever since our first date,” he says. “It was worth all the planning and stress — it was a perfect weekend and a moment I will never forget the rest of my life.”


The post-proposal party:  The couple walked into Parc, where Molly was treated to a surprise engagement dinner. The night continued at Franklin Mortgage (Brian had reserved a private room complete with custom menus bearing their engagement date), late-night mussels at Monk’s Cafe — and a private tour of the Linc with Molly’s mom the next day.


The wedding plans: Because the couple wants to savor their engagement, they haven’t begun planning — other than the joint bachelor-bachelorette party with their best friends.

This article has been edited for clarity and length.

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